Tales from the ER

I spent Monday evening at the hospital for abdominal pain. Out of sheer boredom I jotted down notes as the night progressed!

With pain for the past couple of days when I press down on my lower abdomen, I decide to go to the ER. My mom comes to stay with Molly until A gets home.

I arrive at 4:15 and check in with triage. I’m given a tracking device that will alarm if I leave the hospital.

I pee in a cup

Excitement! A woman faints in the waiting room. They whisk her away and she hasn’t been seen since.

My blood is taken

A patient has the worst case of hiccups I’ve ever heard. At least I’m assuming its the hiccups. I want to throw him out the window it’s so annoying.

Go to plug in my phone to charge, only to realize I took the baby monitor charger instead of my phone charger. Loser!

Some poor guy who’s been here since 3pm asks why he hasn’t been seen. Turns out he didn’t register. They were nice and took him in ASAP once he was processed.

Ponder the idea that maybe I’m getting my first post-partum period. Wouldn’t that be embarrassing? Except it hurts a lot when I press down in that area. Not like any period I ever had, though I’ve heard they can be quite awful after having a baby. Better to be safe than sorry!

It’s 5:30! I’m taken from the outer waiting room to the inner waiting room.

Check in with A. Molly is doing fine! I had breast milk in the freezer for such emergency occasions. She won’t take a bottle but loves sippy cups.

It’s 5:45 and I saw a doctor who did a brief exam but my tests results aren’t back yet. Waiting again!

Hungry. Rummage in bag and find a baby Mum Mum. Tasty.

I find it funny that people keep asking when my last period was: Nov 1, 2011 I say. The look on their face as they do the math is awesome

It’s 6:12 and I’m still waiting. Ache is persistent.

It’s 6:30 and I’ve been given a cup of water so I can have an ultrasound. Already have to pee so the nurse will try and get me in soon

Check in with A. It’s almost Molly’s bedtime. I usually nurse her to sleep so we’ll see how that goes.

Ultrasound finished! I hate those when you have to pee so bad. Add in pain and it’s a grand time! Maybe it’s a cyst like I had when I was 12 weeks pregnant with Molly…what if I’m pregnant?

While I wait I’m reading Bringing Up Bebe. I just read a paragraph about limits for children. Give boundaries but give freedom within boundaries. I like that philosophy. Don’t sweat the small stuff either. Pick your battles. Children should be allowed small moments of defiance. Something to think about!

It’s 7:30 and it just occurred to me this is the longest I’ve ever been away from Molly. I miss her.

Listening to the couple next to me complain about the state of our healthcare system. They feel we should at least have more comfortable waiting areas. Ya. Cause THAT will fix the issues.
At least I’m walking out of here without an invoice for God knows how much!

8pm and I check with the clerk. Results are in. Just waiting for the doctor. Apparently he’s gone for supper. I wish he’d asked if I wanted anything…

I should have fainted like the lady in the waiting room.

8:30 and I finally see the doctor. The verdict? They don’t know what could be causing the pain. Ultrasound, blood work, urine analysis…all normal (not pregnant!!). Which is great, but also frustrating. I asked if it could be my period coming back and he said maybe. I guess time will tell on that one.

I leave feeling frustrated, tired and missing my daughter so much I want to cry.

I call A to tell him I’m on my way. He managed wonderfully without me, though putting her down wasn’t as easy as it normally is. It breaks my heart that she was so sad.

Still, she is asleep when I get home.

She’ll probably wake up soon to eat. I hope so. I want to snuggle my monkey.

And we’ll see how the pain is tomorrow. I have a doctors appointment scheduled with my family doctor just in case.

Off to bed for me. Night!

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One thought on “Tales from the ER

  1. Oh no! So sorry to hear you haven’t been well! Hope you feel better soon 🙁

    On another note, I LOVED the book Bringing up Bebe! My husband recently bought me her newest book that is the cliffnotes version of this one, with all her tips spelled out into a list without the back story and I plan on having my mom read it. But I thought this was a great book with some really good ideas. Wishing you a fast recovery from whatever this is!

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