Genius in the Midst

Scene 1 – I’m looking for flour in the cupboard to use in my pork tenderloin stew….

A: Look what I bought! [holds up a bar of Green and Black’s 70% dark organic chocolate]

C: OOH! Yum. We can have that for dessert!

Scene 2 – I’m sitting on the couch after dinner, not feeling well as a result of my monthly girl-y time (sorry, TMI, I know, but it’s necessary to set the scene)…

C: [slightly moaning] Can we have the chocolate now?

A: Sure. Do you want some ice cream to dip it in?

C: YES!!!!!

Scene 3 – Chocolate and ice cream (heavenly hash) has been brought to me. Hormonally induced pig out has commenced as I dip each square of chocolate into the ice cream…

C: [mouth full] Ohmygod, ohmygod, thish ish de ‘est shing e’er!!!!!

Genius. My boyfriend is a genius.