Nerves of steel? Uh, no

I hate how my nerves get nervous. I have my third date tonight (if we can work things out logistically…I totally forgot I took the train today and have no means of getting anywhere), and I feel like I’m about to chuck. It’s not like it’s a first date. We’ve already met, already chatted, already kissed for God’s sake, and yet, my nerves won’t settle. We’re only going to a movie!

I have a very hard time just taking things as they come and letting things happen. I think to myself “how do we greet each other now? will we still feel a connection? will he want to see me again? how will we end things? when will we see each other again?”. All these questions swirling around my head.

I know though, that as soon as our date starts, I’ll be fine. It’s just the leading up to it that’s hard. Le sigh. Wish me luck!

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