Mom-cation Update 

Let’s see…when I last posted, the kids were about to start day care three days a a week. I had no doubts about Molly adjusting; she would routinely ask to go to school. And I was right, she loves it! Apparently she’s their number one eater and napper lol (she naps great at home, sometimes for three hours!). The wild card was Oliver. He’s such a mama’s boy! But he’s doing great too. There are tears of course but drop offs have been relatively easy. He’s eating well and from day one has been napping well there with little fuss (I mostly nurse him to sleep still, so I wondered). He’s even going to sleep on his own! I tried it here but no dice. But that’s ok. I’m fine with the status quo for now. I’m relieved he’s transitioning so well! What has shocked me most is that he’s not at all needy when I pick him up! No more than usual anyways. And he doesn’t want to nurse right away. But the he’s never been a ‘desperate’ nurser. 

So day care went well but unfortunately my mom-cation had a few kinks. The first day was great! I had my hair done and met up with BFF B for a pedicure and lunch, followed by a little shopping. But then I picked up A and he wasn’t feeling well. And we picked up the kids and Molly had a fever…you can see where this is going. I ended up with company for the next two days. A and I were supposed to have an anniversary day together but that was put off with a sick husband and sick toddler to deal with. They were home again on Thursday. And then I started getting sick. Ugh. A nasty cold took me out for the whole weekend! 

Not the best way to enjoy my last days of maternity leave 🙁

This past week was better, as in I had all three days to myself. I did chores around the house, ran errands and made curtains for Oliver’s room. And of course I slept 🙂 

But I still wasn’t getting better. I took Molly and I to the urgent care clinic yesterday (she has developed an awful cough). I got antibiotics to treat a sinus infection and Molly was given meds to tackle croup. She may or may not have it but we erred on the side of caution. I can’t have either of us sick this week, not with me starting work on Tuesday! 

So here I am, gearing up for work in a couple of days. I’m excited and nervous. Mostly I want to know how our routine will work and get the kinks ironed out ASAP. The timing, especially in the evening, will be tight. Pick up, get home, have dinner, baths (if needed), bed. We’ll make it work. It’ll be crazy but we’ll make it work. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend! 

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