Happy New Year!

2014 brought a lot of change to our family. A was let go from his job in January; Oliver was born in March and we became a family of four; A’s car died and we decided to make it work with only one vehicle; A thankfully started a new job in September and at that point I became a stay at home mom to two kids (temporarily. I will be going back to work in March when my year of maternity leave isfinished).
Whew. There were highs and lows but we got through it together and are stronger for it. Still, we’re glad to see 2014 behind us.
2015 has started off as it does every year: with my birthday. It’s today! I’m 37 and can’t believe I’m that much closer to 40! It was pretty much a day as any other, just with gifts and cupcakes 🙂 I’m a lucky girl!
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! Back to normal tomorrow!


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