Friday Ramblings

On Me…
Great news! My ultrasound results came back and show that my doctor was right! The lumps I mentioned last week are fatty lumps called Lipoma and are completely harmless. They’re quite common apparently (why are things you’ve never heard of always common?), especially if you’ve lost weight, which, after having had two babies, I’ve done a couple of times. Phew.

On Oliver…
Over the past couple of days two new teeth have appeared! No wonder he’s been sleeping poorly.
Also, I’m concerned about the measles outbreak. Not seriously concerned but mildly concerned. Oliver hasn’t receive his MMR yet (another six weeks or so) and there have been cases reported in Toronto. Now, we don’t go out a whole lot at the moment, since I don’t have a car during the week, but still. I’ll be glad if it blows over quickly.

On Molly…
Molly is pretty much potty trained during the day now! We haven’t attempted the night yet but she still wakes with a wet diaper, so I’m thinking she’s not quite ready for that yet.
It’s making things interesting for when we’re out and about though. She has a fascination with public toilets and at any given location we’ll make numerous trips to the same bathroom, sometimes without any results. But we can’t not take her, so we just have to exercise our patience. Not easy!

In My Upcoming Staycation…
I’m back to work on March 17, three days a week. But because of scheduling, the kids are starting daycare three days a week on March 3. You know what that means?? I get six, SIX, days of kid free time!! I already have a spa day planned with BFF B and I have a few projects I want to get done (paint the bathrooms maybe and hello, I’ve had the fabric for the curtains foe Oliver’s room for over a year!) but am otherwise going to enjoy my time. I’m going back to work at the same time a major project is about to get under way and I’ll be very much involved. No vacation until the fall!

Happy Friday everyone! We’re expecting snow here over the weekend, so I anticipate some quality home time.

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