Friday Ramblings

On Oliver…
Ugh. Oliver is not sleeping well. Still. It’s been months now of waking several times a night but for the last week it’s been even more often, sometimes every 1/2 hour! It’s so hard and frustrating and I’m exhausted but I remember going through a similar phase with Molly. She came out of it, so I have to be confident that he will too.

On Molly…
Molly is in a curious phase this week. She’s into everything that she shouldn’t be and I’m trying very hard to keep my patience! Yesterday she discovered my mascara and concealer. Sigh. I’m sure that won’t be the last time she’s into my make up.
In other news, she’s done very well on the potty this week, no accidents!

On Winter…
So far winter has been lacklustre. It’s disappointing! I was relying on snow to take the kids out and play. Playing outside with no snow is no fun. Plus since Oliver isn’t walking yet, it’s harder to just plop him on the ground without snow. But yesterday we had a few inches! I’m hoping it’s here to stay.

On Me…
I’m having an ultrasound today to have a couple of lumps I found on my side and back examined. My doctor says she’s 99% sure they’re just fat deposits that are common as you get older, but she’s a better safe then sorry sort, so more exams are needed. It’s a bit nerve wrecking, I have to say. One can’t help but Google the possibilities. Fingers crossed it goes well! I’ll have a follow up next week with my doc. I hate waiting!!

On Bling…
My mom passed along some family jewelry to me this week. It’s all costume jewelry, so holds very little monetary value. But I absolutely love all the pieces and can’t wait to wear them! I’ve done a little research and have identified the designers.

This first set is by Sherman Jewelers, a Montreal based company, one of the top costume jewelry designers in Canada that opened in the late 1940’s.


This next necklace was my grandmother’s and is from Bond Boyd, another well known Canadian Jeweller (they’re still around but focus on corporate jewelry now). The pin and earrings in the next image are from the same company (the pin was my grandma’s and my mom bought the earrings to match).



And this last set are from an American company, Trifari. The bracelet appears to be a different design then the necklace and earrings but they compliment each other.



And that’s my ramblings for this week! Happy Friday all!!

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3 thoughts on “Friday Ramblings

  1. I really appreciate when my doctor orders “Better Safe Than Sorry!” tests. Most of the time he’s certain it’s nothing, but he knows it will eventually give me the answers I want.They’re stressful, but worth it! I hope your scans come back a-okay!

  2. Google can be the devil. I always find myself searching when something is wrong though 🙁 I also appreciate the safe than sorry tests. I think my brain needs them.

    I LOVE that second necklace. It looks so unique 🙂

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