Friday Ramblings

On I Had a Boob Job…

Haha, just kidding! I did have a mole removed on my left breast though, so I like to joke that I had work done 🙂 During my physical last fall, I pointed out a funny looking mole to my doctor. She referred me to a plastic surgeon, who suggested that even though there’s a small chance it’s up to no good, we remove it. Agreed! So on Wednesday I found myself at our local hospital. It was an easy, outpatient procedure. My doctor is extremely easy going and put me at ease by pumping Pearl Jam into the room. I find Eddie Vedder’s voice calming 🙂

I’m feeling no pain at all and though I have stitches, there’s nothing holding me back from showering or even breastfeeding! I just have to be careful with Molly because sometimes she grabs at my breast when she’s particularly hungry and it does pinch a bit now and then. I go back in two weeks to have the stitches removed.

On The Baby…

My darling little girl threw me for a loop on Tuesday night! Around midnight she started moaning/crying in her sleep every 10 minutes or so until finally around 12:30am she woke up seriously crying. We dosed her with some Advil and I nursed her until she calmed down and went back to sleep. She then proceeded to sleep off and on for the next three hours, not giving me a chance to fall back asleep before she was up again. Finally, at 4:30 I gave up and woke up A, who managed to get her back to sleep for good. Neither of us were happy campers the next day, especially since I had both a dentist appointment and my mole removal to deal with. Sigh. Such is the way with babies, though never with us. In the seven months since she was born, we have NEVER had a night like that, where I was awake for such a long time. It’s hard to keep your cool, even when you now they’re not feeling well.

On Operation Organization….

It’s been on hold this week. I’ve done nothing in the way of organizing around here. It’s funny how some weeks I feel like I have tons of time, and some weeks I feel like I have none. I’m hoping to get the pantry in the kitchen cleaned out this weekend. It’s to the point where when I open the cupboards, I expect something to fall out.

On An Expensive Nursing Session…

Our wireless internet does not reach Molly’s room, which is where I spend the most time nursing her. While I nurse, I use all manner of apps on my iphone, particularly Pinterest and Safari. I’ve been pinning and browsing to my hearts content, expecting to receive a message if we’re close to going over our data limit. So it came as a surprise to me when I received a phone call asking if I’d like to change our plan since we’ve been going over our data limit for the past few months. What?? I checked our bill (which I confess I don’t review…stupid online billing…I prefer paper but they charge you for that now! Stupid ROGERS) and sure enough, we’ve been going over. Well apparently our wireless provider (ROGERS) does not do that anymore, a significant detail we weren’t told when we changed our plan last year. For February we owe an extra $120 in data overage!! We complained and the customer service people were surprised they don’t notify you anymore. Their own employees didn’t know!! The guy I talked to was kind enough to give us an extra 4 GB in data for this month while we figure out how to get the wireless into Molly’s room (which A has since done…I’m lucky to have a tech savvy husband), but I’m extremely shocked and disappointed in our provider (have I mentioned it’s ROGERS?). It’s wrong for them to take advantage in that way. We should have been told when we switched our plan. And yes, it’s partly our responsibility to check our usage, but when you’re used to things working in a certain way, you’re not quick to change. Something, I suspect, considering how much money our provider (ROGERS) is leeching off of us, they want to happen.

And that’s it for this Friday! I hear my little one stirring on the monitor. She’s sitting up in the crib now when she wakes up. Lowering her mattress is on our to do list for this weekend.

Happy Weekend everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Friday Ramblings

  1. It’s funny you mention the overage charges – there was a piece in the news on it and how people were being charged a CRAZY amount of money for going over with no warnings! I’m SO glad that our wireless reaches the entire house. I’ve only gone over my data once and it “only” cost me an extra $50 on my monthly bill. My husband wasn’t impressed, but I started to watch my data closely after that! I don’t even know if my carrier (Bell) warns people if they start to go crazy over either.

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