I just cheated on my meat free week. I almost made it, but staying at work until 7:30 waiting for a delivery, was just too much for my resistance to handle and I just chowed down in the best BLT sesame bagel I’ve ever had in my life, courtesy of the Bagel Stop at Union Station.

Let’s be honest though: is bacon meat? I say nay! It’s mostly fat of anything. And I never said my week would be fat free!

Heading home

Heading home

I’m in Chicago. My flight is delayed by 45 minutes, so I thought I’d work on a post! Thank god for iPhone!

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling much better. E and I had breakfast, got ready and headed back I to LA to meet M.
At M’s we ate, then the three of us hopped into the car to go to the Getty Center in Brentwood.
It was stunning out yesterday, with warm weather and blue skies. Th Getty sits way up on a hill overlooking the ciry. To get to it, you have to take a tram up the hill. At the top, I was shocked with how lovely it was. Stone imported from Italy, mixed with smooth white siding and clean lines made the main buildings. Massive trees and impressive gardens surrounded them. We grabbed some lattes and wandered the gardens before heading in to see the photography and decorative arts.
By the time we left, the sun was starting to go down, giving the whole place a very ethereal appearance.
We decided on a place for dinner, but rather then go straight there, M drove us through Malibu along the Pacific Coast Highway, then through Malibu Canyon. It was a super drive!
Back in Los Feliz (burb of LA), we headed to a super cute restaurant called the Alcove for dinner. I had a tuna melt panini with a salad, and maybe I was hungry, or maybe it was the massive Bellini I treated myself to, but it was one of the best meals I had all week!
By the time we got back to M’s, it was after ten and I had to tackle packing. Since I was feeling better Friday by supper, E and I went out for supper (Mexican) and then hit up Nordstrom Rack. Best. Store. Ever.
I picked up a BCBG shirt for thirty bucks, regular one forty. Dude. I also got another pair of shoes, bringing the grand total to five pairs purchased, meaning I had some space issues when packing, even with the extra duffle. So I’m carrying around an extra bag for carry on.
M dropped me at LAX this morning, and after some confusion with my reservation (the guy had to make a call), I was on my way!
The flight to Chicago was uneventful though the lady next to me had no concept of personal space. She kept sticking her elbow over onto my side. Ugh.
Now I’m just parked on the floor next to an outlet, charging my phone, waiting to go home.
I had an awesome vacation, and am thankful to all my friends for making it happen: B, for asking me to come along to New Orleans, and E and M for having me stay. You guys rock! Next stop, home!!!

Friday yuckiness

So. My Friday in Newport isn’t going as planned. I seem to have come down with a stomach bug. I woke up this morning feeling off, but wasn’t too bad. E and I headed off to a nearby trail for a walk (the weather is stunning here today) and that was ok but by the time we hit a local cafe for lunch, things were not right. So I had E drop me back at her place for a rest and she’s off running errands. I feel so bad! I wanted to have fun today and now I’m sick. Yuck. Hopefully it’s just a quick virus. I fly out on Sunday and to do that while sick will just suck ass.