Friday Ramblings

On The Baby…

Molly is gradually getting sturdier on her legs. She’s standing a lot now, even so far as to go from a squatting position to a standing position all on her own! She took one step the other day, but then grabbed onto the nearest surface (I believe it was my sisters knee) to steady herself. Her sleep has been much better this week. I’m doing a combo of nursing her and pick up/put down. I know I should be more consistent, but I do enjoy the peacefulness of nursing her to sleep. She doesn’t take long to go to sleep if I end up doing pick up/put down so at least it’s not like starting from scratch each time.

On The Blog…

Sorry for the lack of interesting content lately. I have so many posts that I have in mind to write or have already started writing but with two, sometimes three, kids around most days, my time is all used up! Someday I’ll be able to focus a little bit more attention to this space. I really do love it!

On TV…

Oh my gosh, Game of Thrones!! We managed to watch Season 3 this week and it was awesome!! I won’t say anything for those of you who haven’t watched, but WOW!!! It was intense. We continued watching Arrested Development and find ourselves rather bored. We just finished episode 3 of the latest season. I think we’ll continue, as we’ve read reviews that it’s worth it to keep watching, but goodness. I almost fell asleep last night as we watched.

On Father’s Day…

It’s A’s first Father’s Day this Sunday!! I have a few things up my sleeve for him, including a top secret gift from Molly and waffles for breakfast. Which means I need to get a waffle iron (he knows this already). I found a recipe for cheddar bacon belgian waffles that sounds AMAZING, though I may stick with the traditional sort before getting adventurous.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads in my life, including my own wonderful father and my super fantastic father-in-law!

Friday Ramblings

On The Baby…

Well the good news is that Molly was not awake in the night for two hours last night, as she had been in the previous nights.
The bad news is that she was awake every 2-2.5 hours.
Good. Times.
She went back to sleep quickly each time but seemed uncomfortable. The last time she was awake so much a tooth was about to pop through, so I think that’s probably the culprit.
She’s also really close to taking her first true steps, another factor in the frequent and long wakings. Her little brain is going a mile a minute I bet, thinking about walking.

DSC_4925 copy (1024x1280)

On the Garden…

The marigolds don’t seem to be doing their job at deterring furry pests. The tops of some of my peas have been nibbled off! I need to sprinkle some cayenne pepper again. The rain keeps washing it away.

DSC_4911 copy (1280x1024)

On TV…

We just started watching the new season of Arrested Development and find ourselves disappointed. It seems off somehow, probably the result of the long hiatus between S3 and 4. But we did only watch the first 15 minutes or so of the first episode (interrupted by one of Molly’s numerous wakings last night), so we’ll finish it to give it a chance.

On Pillows…

I FINALLY made the pillows for the living room! I’ve had the fabric for months. I love the yellows! I ordered it online from Tonic Living (a Toronto company!). The fabric is the Emilio Lemon Drop pattern, designed by Braemore.

DSC_4914 copy (1280x1024)

On Work…

I’m back to work in six weeks! I can’t believe it’s coming up so fast. I’m starting to have emotional moments thinking about leaving Molly. I know I’ll be fine and she’ll be fine but I won’t feel that until it actually happens. I am feeling a bit better about it, as this week I met with her new day care provider! She’s really great and since it’s a home environment, I feel good about sending my baby there two days a week. My sister is sending CK there as well, so Molly will have her buddy πŸ™‚

On Why This Is Late…

Who wants to blog when there are bubbles to blow?

DSC_5024 (1280x848)

DSC_5011 (1280x848)

DSC_4990 (1024x1280)

DSC_4999 (1024x1280)

I hope you all have a great weekend! TGIF!!

Weekend Wind-Up

Our weekend began with a trip to the walk-in clinic.

Late Friday afternoon as I was changing Molly, I noticed a rash peeking through her top and her diaper. I took off her shirt and was shocked to see her entire torso, front and back, covered in a hive-like rash and it was spreading up her neck and to her arms. _DSC4827copy (1024x1280)

I had my suspicions as to the cause, but when A got home we took her to the doctor. He confirmed what I was thinking: it was a reaction to the antibiotics. Molly most likely has an allergy to penicillin! We’re lucky she didn’t have a more severe reaction. I’ll follow up with our family doctor as soon as I can but in the meantime on the doctors advice we’ve stopped the course of amoxicillin. He didn’t prescribe a replacement, but did check her ears and said they looked OK.
By Saturday night the rash was pretty much gone!

Saturday itself was decent. We met with the leasing agent at my car dealer (Nissan) to go over the options for when my lease is up in august. I think we’re leaning towards buying out my Sentra. We also test drove a Dodge Grand Caravan they had in their used car lot. It was an amazing deal and we considered buying it, since we will need a larger vehicle when #2 arrives (not quite yet) but decided to wait until next year.

We got home and A started work on landscaping the front while Molly and I planted the last of the veggies to go in, the tomatoes and peppers. I’m trying something new this year and planting marigolds around the perimeter of the gardens.

_DSC4847 (1280x848)

They’re supposed to help deter pests. Our little bunny is still making his presence known, so hopefully they work! Another bonus is that flowers attract bees and butterflies, whose presence encourages plants to fruit! I didn’t plant as many tomato and pepper plants as we have in years past. We’re learning as we go what kind of yield we can manage.

_DSC4850 (1280x848)

Another tip I came across was to plant basil next to tomatoes. It’s supposed to enhance the flavour of the tomatoes. We’ll see!

After that I rested. I wasn’t feeling well. It appears I’m next on the universe’s master sick plan and have come down with a massive head cold. We just can’t win these days!

Once Molly went to bed, A and I finished watching the History channel documentary “The History of the World in Two Hours” that was on TV Friday night. It was really fun! It was basically a look at all of the steps necessary for humans to evolve into who we are today as a species and as a civilization. They started with the creation of the universe 13.6 billion years ago and ended in modern times. I learned all of that in school (I have a BA in Archaeology), but it was a great refresher. How cool were we watching something educational on a Saturday night?

Sunday for me was spent resting and taking care of Molly while A worked out front. He got all of the stones down and it looks amazing! There’s a bit of tweaking to do (he discovered a dip near the back right, near the porch, which you can sort of see in the picture) and we need to put the garden back together, but I’m so happy with how it turned out! I’m so lucky to have a handy husband. The steps were originally centred to the porch, but A moved them to be centred with the door, which works much better I think, since the door isn’t centred on the porch either. My master plan is to put something potted to the right of the new steps which will hide the unattractive portion of the porch, and to put a bench or a cute little patio set (a couple of chairs and small table) along the soon-to-be garden wall.

_DSC4842 (1280x848)

And now it’s Monday. Because I’m sick, CJ has gone to her grandmother’s for the day and CK is home with my sister, who is off this week recovering from pneumonia (seriously, our family just can’t catch a break!). There’s no way I can look after more than one kid right now!

_DSC4839 copy (1280x848)
Cuddles with mama

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

Friday Ramblings

On Me…

I think I’m getting sick. My throat feels funny and my head is achy. Ugh. M1 and M2, if you’re reading this, I’m putting you on alert that if I don’t feel better Saturday morning, I may have to cancel our group date! Fingers crossed nothing comes of it.

In other ME news, I had the stitches from my mole removal taken out on Wednesday and am happy to report the pathology came back normal! I’ve got quite the scar but don’t really care. No one will see it other than the hubs and Molly.

Unless I end up sporting a string bikini, as A kindly pointed out. Uh huh. Ya. ‘Cause THAT’S happening.

On The Baby…

Another tooth has pooped up with relatively little fuss. She was a bit grumpy the other day but nothing a little Tylenol couldn’t fix.

Earlier this week I was astounded when Molly did this:

What??!! Should my baby be doing this now? It’s too soon! She walked further than what I show, but the rest of the video is choppy as I lunge for her several times thinking she’s going to topple over πŸ™‚

On Baby Led Weaning…

As expected, Molly is loving her ability to feed herself! Her appetite for solids comes and goes (related to teething I imagine). She adores peaches and butternut squash. I finally managed to get her to eat yogurt (doctor’s advice) but it took some tweaking. She won’t let me feed her. Nope. She’ll have none of that! But she will let me load the spoon and maneuver it towards her mouth, at which point she’ll grab it and pull it the rest of the way in. She’ll eat almost a whole container that way! I’m giving her Liberte Baby yogurt in the banana flavour.

On The Pioneer Woman…

I’m so excited! The Pioneer Woman’s cooking show is starting on the Food Network Canada this weekend. At least I think it’s starting. It’s entirely possible it’s been in Canada for a long time and I just never noticed. I’ve set up the PVR to record it. There’s a 99% chance I will forget it’s on.

On Child Care…

A couple of times this week, I had my sisters kids here, in anticipation of her going back to work. Both times went well! I’m so happy that CK is no longer screaming for 30 minutes after my sister leaves. His separation anxiety seems to have waned. Whew! As silly as it sounds, considering I have one, I’m not used to babies crying! I literally broke out into a sweat the times that he has cried for half an hour.
I’m going to have to work to streamline things, like nap time and meal time but we’ll find our groove. The whole experience is a learning curve!

Have a great weekend everyone! My monkey is awake from her morning nap. A whole 40 minutes! Wow. At least I got to shower πŸ™‚

Friday Ramblings

March 15th, the Ides of March. It was this day in 44 BCE that Julius Caesar was assassinated. He changed the world! There’s a little history to enlighten your day πŸ™‚

On The Baby…

Despite the fact that she’s not quite crawling (I liken it more to a one-legged frog hop), Molly is everywhere! She had half a dozen tumbles yesterday, which I guess is what we’re in for from now on. Kids get bumps and bruises. And as hard as it is for us parents, they have to learn how to fall. I can’t hover over her every second of the day. A hard lesson for us all. It doesn’t stop me from giving lots of cuddles to help her feel better though πŸ™‚

_DSC3810 copy (1280x1024)
7 months! Can’t believe it!

On A Yummy Burger…

Look at this creation:

_DSC3879 copy (1280x848)

It was delicious! My hubby requested burgers and so burgers we had! I dressed mine up to the nines, which I don’t normally do. I’m usually a ketchup only kind of girl, but you see mayo (Miracle Whip), cheese and avocado as well. I loved the addition of the avocado. I need to work on my hamburger creation recipe though. I mixed ground beef, an egg, some oats and added some Worcestershire sauce. Next time I’ll get a bit more creative πŸ™‚

On The Great Conditioner Mix Up…

The other day (Tuesday), Molly and I went to Walmart. Diapers, shampoo and conditioner were on my list, amongst other things. The trip was successful, if a little pricy. It’s impossible to spend less than $50 there. Anyways.
Flash forward to Wednesday morning. Molly was down for her morning nap and I’m in the shower. I reach for my new shampoo, lather and rinse. My hair is a wreck if I don’t condition it, so I reach for that next. I apply and realize that it’s lathering too. Did I grab the shampoo again? No….But conditioner doesn’t lather…it’s a white bottle whereas the shampoo I had just used was clear. It appears to be conditioner…pull the bottle up to my face (I have ridiculously terrible vision) and realized my mistake.
Silly me had bought the 2 in 1 version of the brand I use instead of conditioner. Oops. Baby brain strikes again!

On Chopped…

I’m addicted to watching Chopped on the Food Network. The combinations of foods they’re given to work with are amazing and I’m astonished with what the chefs come up with! I particularly love the judges and the lyrical, almost poetic descriptions they give what they’re eating.

On Pinterest…

I’m inviting everyone to follow me on Pinterest! I’m on there almost daily discovering fabulous DIY projects, yummy food creations, activities for kids and so much more! I’m trying to figure out how to put a follow me button on the sidebar. The link from Pinterest isn’t working properly and it’s not showing up as it should. In the meantime, you can find me HERE.

On Coconut Banana Bread…

I’m trying to follow in my mom’s homemaking footsteps and have some sort of dessert every day. It doesn’t seem to be affecting my waistline, which is a good thing! This week I made Coconut Banana Bread using this recipe. I love anything with coconut and it turned out really well! I serve it spread with a bit of butter (or a healthy slathering for mine…I think I shocked A with how much I put on…what can I say? I love butter!)

And that’s it! A bit more substance than usual…could it be that the baby brain is improving??

Happy Friday!

Friday Ramblings

On The Baby…

My little miss blessed me with 8 straight hours of sleep last night! She went down at 9pm and slept until 6:30!! I remember waking up at ten to three, thinking she’d be up soon but I fell back asleep. The next time I woke it was 5:15! I was shocked! I even woke A up to tell him πŸ™‚ Of course I was then wide awake, having had the most sleep in a row in months. Plus my boobs were so full I was afraid to roll on them lest all my milk squirt out, haha.

On Weight Watchers…

I’ve been doing it consistently since Monday and since last Friday am down five pounds! I imagine the initial loss is mostly water, though I’m making sure to get all the water I need. And, at the risk of TMI, my, uh, colon has never been cleaner πŸ™‚ All the fruit and veggies I’m eating (all zero points) are paying off in more ways than one! I’m finding it fun to calculate my meals and plan ahead what I’m going to eat, rather than scrounging at the last minute, which leads to making bad choices. It’s also given me a renewed interest in cooking, which,Β towards the end of my pregnancy, waned a bit and hasn’t picked up since. But now I find myself really enjoying the preparation of our meals. Feels a little bit like normal πŸ™‚

On TV…

I’m soooo thankful the fall TV season is upon us. I’m watching a lot less of the more trashy shows and enjoying the comedy’s and dramas I’ve taped from the night before. Together,Β A and I love to watch Franklin and Bash, New Girl, Suburgatory, and Modern Family, but on my own I catch NCIS, Up All Night,Β Once Upon a TimeΒ and the Vampire Diaries (OMG, I think Elena and Damon will finally hook up this season!! I heart him).

On It’s Almost November…

What?? Where did October go?

This weekend is one of household chores (vacuuming for me, outside stuff for A) and the first birthday party for my friend M1’s darling girl! Makes me misty to think that soon enough we’ll celebrate Molly’s first b-day. Sure she’s only 2.5 months old, but on the other hand she’s already 2.5 months old! Time is flying by.

I hope you all have a great weekend! I’m going to now try and pull ourselves together to go shopping. More to get out than to actually buy anything.


Friday Ramblings

On The Baby…

Another milestone reached: today is my due date! 40 weeks have been reached (and that’s exact, since I know when I conceived)! I’m not surprised I haven’t had the baby yet; I’ve had an inkling for a long time that I’d be overdue. Since my doctor won’t let me go more than 10-14 days over (and that’s with careful monitoring), we will definitely have a baby by the middle of the month! Kind of weird to think about.

A strongly believes I’ll go into labour later this afternoon, just as he’s (hopefully) let off work early πŸ™‚

We’ve started taking steps to move things along naturally, since I want to try and avoid being medically induced if possible. But the reality is that she’ll come when she’s ready! I’m patient, though I’m becoming increasingly more anxious to meet her!

On CJ Is the Cutest…

We had a family dinner at my parents the other night and as usual, CJ stole the show (though CK is a close second! He’s found his voice and is squealing all the time, not to mention rolling over onto his tummy. Can’t believe he’s 4 months!). My favourite moment of the night was when CJ came over to me for ‘hugs’. We had a good squeeze and then she said “I’m the best!”. I looked at my sister and we burst out laughing. Apparently they tell her all the time that she’s the best. She’s taken that to heart it seems πŸ™‚ Such a monkey!!

On Trash TV…

“Maybe getting more cable channels was a mistake”…that was A, a few days ago, as he listened to me go on about another show I’d watched.

It’s true, I’ve been watching a bit more TV than usual. But I’m tired, achy, need frequent breaks in between chores and there is nothing on BUT trashy TV shows during the day. I’ve been watching the likes of A Baby Story, One Born Every Minute, I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant, Rich Groom Poor Groom, Til Debt Do Us Part, Four Houses etc. I get some more ‘educational’ shows in there like Property Virgins, Disaster DIY, My House Your Money, but even those aren’t exactly challenging to my brain.

Ah well. Soon enough I’ll be too tired to even focus on the content of those shows, but they’ll come in handy in the wee hours of the morning when I need something to keep me focused!

On The Basement…

I hope to have pics for you this weekend! The baseboards have been finished, door hardware has been installed…all that remains is to carpet the stairs, put a door on the electrical panel and a number of smaller touch ups. And voila! A finished basement. We’ll be taking our time to get it completely up to speed, but it’ll be functional as a rec room as soon as the couch arrives (on the 8th) and we get the TV installed (we’re moving our 50 inch plasma downstairs and bringing the 37 inch LCD back down to the living room). It’s very exciting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! It’s been a long haul and I couldn’t be prouder or more thankful for my husband, not to mention both our dads, for doing this amazing job.

And that’s about all I have to contribute to this Friday’s Ramblings. Not sure what I’m going to get myself into today. I might start on the baby blanket I’m sewing. I might fill in the holes in the baseboards (which requires getting down on my hands and knees, a position I’ve read is great for getting the baby into position). I might take a little walk (though it’s insanely hot outside). Only time, and my energy level, will tell!

Oh and I almost forgot that this is a long weekend here in Ontario! Monday is a Civic Holiday. Whatever you’re up to this weekend, be it a regular length one or a long one, I hope it’s a goody!

Friday Ramblings

On The Baby…

39 weeks today! A lot of women at this point are just dying to have their babies come out, but I’m actually happy with the status quo πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to meet her but am happy to wait for her to arrive on her own time. Life will be changing soon enough! No reason to speed that up πŸ˜‰

I have no pre-labour symptoms at all, but that doesn’t mean anything, I know. Some women get them, some don’t.

On My Second Week Off…

Still love not working! I’ve been reading forums where a lot of women are complaining they’re bored, but not me! I’m managing to fill my days with bits and pieces. Errands, visiting, chores around the house, cooking…I’m perfectly content and am in my element! I’ve been more tired this week and didn’t do as much as I did last week, but then last week I was anxious to get everything done in case Molly decided to come early.

On A Baby Story…

I’m completely addicted to birth stories, and that includes watching A Baby Story on TLC. I’m watching it right now! I’m not finding it as traumatic as I would have thought, mostly because a lot of the women have scheduled c-sections (which I imagine makes for cheaper filming). I’ve seen very few women actually in labour. It actually makes me feel good watching, because regardless of the type of birth, the end result is the same: a beautiful baby to hold and love!

On Watching Lost…

A and I have had ourselves a lazy week and have been watching a lot of Lost! We’re about halfway through Season 3 and holy cow! Thank God we have all the episodes. I don’t know how those of you who watched it when it was on TV could stand to wait a week for a new episode!

And there are your Friday Ramblings. Exciting and yet boring times around these parts…I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Weekend Wind-Up

On my train ride home Friday, I got a text from A:

“Lost is on sale for $20 a season! Should I get it?”

My response? Absolutely!!

We’ve been desperate for shows to watch lately. I’m at the point in my pregnancy where my energy is waning, and is further compounded by the constant ligament pain that makes moving around hard and awkward. I want to sit and watch TV 75% of the time. But there’s nothing on!

Neither of has seen Lost, and though we’d prefer it on Blu Ray, it’s much more affordable in DVD format. And so, yesterday we sat down to watch the first episode. A few subsequent episodes later, and we’re very much enjoying it! It’ll take us well into when the baby is born and probably into the fall. The last time we watched an entire series (Battlestar Galactica), it took us four months and that was four seasons! This one is six.

So that was exciting. The rest of the weekend was a combo of household chores and birthday parties!

Friday night I spent at the laundromat (aka Mom’s house). Our washer/dryer will be disconnected for another little while, so laundry at mom’s it is! She and I spent the evening watching TLC. I think that’s the only channel I truly miss since we went to basic cable over a year ago. It was a Say Yes to the Dress kind of night. I cringed watching how particular some of the brides were, and realized how low key I was! I wonder if I would have been as low key if I hadn’t been pregnant…hmm…

A’s dad arrived Saturday morning, as did mine (though the trek for him was considerably shorter; only a two minute drive!). They got to work on the basement while I headed out with my mom to run a couple of errands. I got back home around 10:30 and both A and I got ourselves ready and left our dads to the basement, while we headed up to pick up my niece, and then over to my Godson J’s birthday party!

BFF B found a really amazing location just north of the city that caters to kids. There was a covered picnic area, a little play area with slides and tubes to run through, and a petting zoo with ponies, goats and pigs! It was kid-a-palooza for a solid two hours (I said to A later, this will be us in a couple of years!), but everyone had a ball! The weather was perfect and the kids really enjoyed the dinosaur bone hunt B had planned (J is really into dinosaurs right now). We had lunch, the kids ran around a bit and then we visited the animals. CJ absolutely loved the ponies and goats, but wasn’t a huge fan of the pigs. They were big black ugly ones, not cute little pink ones, so I don’t blame her (though I thought they were cute).

She fell asleep on the way home (the sign of a good party) but woke once we got there, eager to share her activities with mommy and daddy. A and I left her, tired ourselves and headed home.

He got back to work, and I had a much needed nap before the men quit for the day and my dad headed home. The three of us (A’s dad stayed over) had pizza for dinner, and then when my second wind hit and the sun had gone down a bit, I headed out to do some much needed weeding and pruning in the gardens. Our tomatoes are growing like crazy, and we have the beginnings of cherry tomatoes fruiting!

Sunday arrived and the boys were back to work again; they got the entire rec area dry walled! They still need to do the ‘mudding’ but man, am I impressed! It looks wonderful!

The big gap is the entrance to the furnace/storage room; we’ll put bi-fold doors there for access.

Next up: the hall and laundry area!

I headed out to run some errands. I hit up Walmart, Costco and the grocery store and though I spent what seemed like gads of money, it was all necessary items (toilet paper, paper towels, mattress cover, cleaning supplies, food etc.). The only somewhat not necessary items I bought were socks for the baby (don’t want her litle tootsies getting cold!) and a couple of nightshirts for me, that button up the front and will be great to wear when breastfeeding. They’re somewhat cuter than the granny looking ones you often see.

I made it home in time to make lunch before my father-in-law headed home and then hubby and I had some down time together, watching Lost.

I barely made it through the first episode before deciding I needed a nap. I didn’t sleep much (our little miss was wiggling like crazy!) but the rest helped. After a couple hours of r and r, A and I headed out around 3:30 to meet up with my parents, and my aunt, uncle and cousin, for an early dinner (they were off to the airport, heading home to Newfoundland). We had a lovely time!

Then it was back home for more Lost and pie. We bought these super yummy mini pies the other night, apple berry. OMGSOGOOD. And a good portion too, perfect for sharing πŸ™‚

We were so tired the two of us were in bed and asleep by 9:30 last night. Of course I was awake at 4am, hungry! A granola bar satisfied me and I settled back down.

And that’s about it. I hope you all had a groovy weekend!

Friday Ramblings

On Baby…

32 weeks today! Cheese and toast only eight weeks left until my due date. And of course there’s the possibility she’ll come early.
Last night A and I put together the stroller and the pack and play! It’s so weird to have baby stuff set up in the house. I can’t wait until the nursery comes together!

On Trash TV…

While we put the baby stuff together, we had the tv on as background. Since all of our shows are done for the summer, there’s slim pickings! We decide to see what the new dating show, Take Me Out was like.
The premise is this: 30 women are part of a panel. One guy is brought out and is presented in stages. At each stage (a catwalk, video exerts, a talent portion) the women have the opportunity to black him out or turn off their lights if they aren’t interested. If all lights go off the guy goes home single. But if a couple lights remain by the end of his presentation, he gets to choose from
those who are left.
It was ridiculous in so many ways and yet we found ourselves watching the whole hour!!

It just occurred to me that when our fave shows come back this fall we’ll have a baby…weird!

On The Garden…

Things seem to be doing well in our veggie garden! The lettuce, kale and broccoli are growing like mad; the zucchini and cucumber have sprouted; the snap peas are starting to fruit; the strawberries are getting bigger and turning red, and we even have tomatoes growing on our Beefsteak tomato plant! I feel like that’s unusual since the plant is still only a foot high. Not sure what’s going on there. We’ve had plenty of rain lately, so that’s a good thing.

On Stocking Up…

I’ve come across several posts lately about preparing meals in advance and freezing them. This includes crock lt meals, where you toss all the ingredients in a bag, freeze and then toss in the slow cooker. I’m definitely going to give some of these a try to use after the baby comes. I’ll let you know how it goes!

And c’est tout for this Friday morning! I’m happy it’s the weekend. Lots to be done, for sure, but we’re also celebrating my moms 65th birthday tomorrow! Happy birthday mama! Love you πŸ™‚