Weekend Wind-Up

We had a pretty decent weekend, despite the fact that it started with A working Saturday morning 🙁

But everything worked out! My mom was able to come watch Molly while I went for my much anticipated hair cut! The verdict: I love it! It’s just to my shoulders and my curls are much more defined. I’ll have to be careful with blow drying, even with a diffuser (POOF!), but all in all it feels so much lighter and fresh (check out yesterday’s post for a visual). I can still pull it back if necessary, which is great too.

The weather ended up not being so great on Saturday, so we deferred the pumpkin farm and instead once A got home we all went shoe shopping. Five stores later and we left with nothing. We were defeated! By shoes. If we even managed to find a style we liked, they didn’t have our size. Ugh. I HATE shoe shopping. We came home, Molly and I napped, we played for a bit and then had an early supper of beets and perogies. A and I had date night planned and needed to eat early!

My parents arrived just after six and we headed off to the movies, our first in a year and a half. There wasn’t much playing that I felt like seeing other than Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2, so that’s what we saw! It was cute. We loved the first one, and though not as good, I was amazed by the imagination the creators had when thinking up the food world. Amazing! We saw it in 3D (sidenote: why does EVERYTHING have to be in 3D now?? Personally I don’t get the appeal, and with my horrible vision, I end up with a mild headache because my eyes can’t catch up to the change in depth and quickness of motion). We were home just after nine and asleep by ten. A pregnant lady’s dream date!

Sunday was just beautiful and we deemed it the perfect day to visit the pumpkin farm! Molly enjoyed seeing the farm animals and especially loved the tractors! We had a quick lunch of hot dogs (Molly and A) and pumpkin curry (me) and then headed home. We thought about the hay ride but I was concerned Molly wouldn’t sit still for it. We decided to head home, without a pumpkin, as there weren’t any there that suited us. Still, a great visit and Molly managed to hold off falling asleep until we got home.

DSC_6567_edited-1 copy (1024x1280)

DSC_6576_edited-1 copy (1280x1024)

DSC_6611_edited-1 copy (1280x1024)

DSC_6612_edited-1 copy (1280x1024)

DSC_6629_edited-1 copy (1024x1280)

DSC_6550_edited-1 copy (1024x1280)

The rest of Sunday was spent grocery shopping and relaxing. Not a bad weekend at all!

Friday Ramblings

On The Baby…

38 weeks today and so far no signs that labour is imminent (other than the dream I had last night that I was having contractions and then the ‘bloody show’ appeared…apologies to any dudes reading this, but it happens). But then I know that some women may not experience ANY signs that labour is on it’s way, so I’m basically just going on with my days as if there wasn’t the possibility of going into labour at any moment. I may have dropped (I’ve had to pee more the past few days) but if I have it’s not visible from the outside. I’ve been carrying low throughout my pregnancy though, and again, not all women show when they’ve dropped. Le sigh. It’s a guessing game for the moment!

On My First Week Off…

I got a ton done this week! Cleaning, shopping, meal preparation…all stuff that was on my list! Today I’m treating myself to a pedicure, since reaching my toes is not exactly an easy task these days. There’s still organizing to do around the house, but a lot of that is on hold until we can move stuff to the basement. A’s parents are coming down this weekend (staying with his sister though…our spare bed is kind of disassembled right now) so his Dad can help him with laying down the floors. Once the floors are in, stuff can be moved downstairs, even though the trim still needs to be done.


Where else can you spend $70 and come away with a hanging closet organizer, a drawer organizer, a stuffed bunny, stuffed blocks, two cutting boards, two picture frames, a pot lid organizer and a pair of slippers??

On Things Kids Say…

” Your belly is really big!”

So says my niece 🙂

On Passing The Ultimate Marriage Test…

A and I don’t fight. We don’t argue. We will discuss, sometimes intensely, but 99% of the time we agree on pretty much everything.

Except in our taste in sofas.

We’ve tried shopping for sofas in the past, but very quickly we became frustrated with each other. He wants comfort, which is important to me too, but I also consider aesthetic. I want it to look nice as well as be comfortable! But the ones he liked just didn’t suit my aesthetic so I didn’t like them, and the ones I did like, he didn’t like. It was a vicious circle. There was no fighting but it was clear we weren’t happy with each other in this particular area.

It started off that way last night when we decided to give sofa shopping another go. It didn’t start off well. We sat on countless couches (not an easy feat for me right now, haha) but nada. Zip. Two different stores and nothing.

Until we went to the Brick, and that’s where we struck gold! We were barely inside the door when we sat on what would become the One. We sat pondering, A enjoying the comfort, me enjoying the sleek look. We looked at each other, nodding. Ya, this might be it. The sales guy clinched it for us when we found out that it was on sale for $485, down from $699!! What a bargain!! Of course with delivery and warranty (which covers spills and stains, something we’re bound to run into with a baby coming) and taxes, we ended up paying $750, but that was still within the range of what we were looking to pay, so it definitely worked out!

Isn’t she pretty?? We got this same colour too. It’s a linen look fabric in graphite, which is a warm grey. It’s going to go in our basement, but if we ever moved it up to the living room upstairs, it would suit the decor up there as well.

And as an added bonus? It’s made in Canada. Yay for homegrown products!

Cross your fingers it fits down the basement stairs!!

And that’s it for today’s ramblings. I hope everyone has a happy Friday!

Weekend Wind-Up

Another busy weekend around our casa!

Friday night we had dinner at my parents. Also there: my sister and the kids (her hubby was home sick), her in-laws (they’re close with my parents), and my aunt, uncle and cousin! My aunt and uncle are up from Newfoundland visiting and it was lovely to see them! Dinner was a lobster affair, though I abstained. I;m wary of it while pregnant, but more importantly I just don’t like lobster. Gasp! I know, a horrible offense for a Newfie, but it’s true.

We had a good time, especially with the kids. The new maxi dress I bought was christened by my nephew spitting up all down my front :). And CJ was especially adorable wanting ‘hugs’ all night long and patting my belly. She actually felt the baby move at one point (after a gentle tummy poke by me) and was thrilled!

My father-in-law arrived later in the evening and enjoyed a cup of tea with us before the three of us headed back to our place. It was directly to bed wr all went, but I unfortunately had a horrible sleep 🙁 I was very achy, both in my hips and with my ligament pain in my leg. Argh.

As a result, I wasn’t in the best mood on Saturday. Not grumpy, just tired. But I had a nap around 3pm and that helped a lot. Throughout the day, while A, his dad and mine worked in the basement, I was upstairs working on making the curtains for the baby’s room! I chose to do a straight panel with tabs. I was moving along quite steadily, until I hit the point where I needed to add the blackout lining. Then I got stumped. For some reason it just wouldn’t line up correctly! I was so frustrated I almost cried and that’s when I took my nap. When I woke up, I laid it all out on the floor and somehow it just worked!

My dad headed home for dinner and after we ate, we watched the Ghost Rider sequel. Meh. It wasn’t that well done. I don’t recommend it!

Sunday we were all up early to see A’s dad off. A settled in for some r and r on his computer while I worked on my second curtain panel. This one came together a lot faster and I was done well before lunch.

I’m going to toot my own horn and say I’m quite impressed with myself! The curtains look awesome! I wish I could take a pic, but I can’t hang them yet and lying them on the floor won’t give you a good impression. Soon enough I’ll be able to put everything together.

My parents arrived around noon and while my dad and A put the finishing touches on the basement, pre-drywall, my mom and I did a little shopping. I picked up some curtain rods for the baby’s room, as well as three maternity tanks for me! Those will be good for on the weekends.

Mom and I came home, and spent the rest of the afternoon watching TV and chatting while the men worked their genius in the basement. And genius it is! They gave us a tour of what they’ve accomplished and I am so impressed! I am so thankful to have not only a handy hubby, but a dad and father-in-law who are also handy AND willing to help us (A) with the work 🙂

And thats about it. I took some pics of the basement that I’ll try and post later in the week. We have our birthing class tonight, which means it won’t be done this evening!

I hope everyone had a groovy weekend!

Weekend Wind-Up

Last week was so busy, I was thrilled when Friday arrived. Friday evening my darling hubby was absorbed in a much deserved break on the computer (he’s been doing amazing work on the basement the past couple of weekends), so I did what any normal woman would do when her husband is otherwise occupied: I went shopping!

I was on the hunt for new t-shirts to fit my growing belly. I popped into Old Navy, but sadly our local store doesn’t have a maternity section. I did end up with a cute top though, very loose fitting with elastic around the bottom. It’ll fit me throughout the rest of my pregnancy!

Next I headed to Walmart, as I’ve heard they have a maternity section. At our store that ‘section’ is a whole two racks. I picked out a dress, a pair of capris, and two tank tops (one of which is more of a cami for wearing under things) and kept it at that. The dress was ok, but had these weird holes where the ties around the waist were that showed my skin. Not a fan. And the capris were just not comfortable at all. But the tanks fit, so I’ll keep those.

And lastly I went to Smart Set. Smart Set has always been my go-to t-shirt place. They don’t have maternity, but their shirts are long and so I picked up a couple of large-sized ones that will expand with me. I seem to prefer tighter fitting clothes anyways while pregnant. I feel like they contain my belly a bit more 🙂

Saturday morning we were up bright and early to head off to A’s parents for the rest of the weekend. We got there just before lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out on the deck chatting and catching up. The weather was amazing! I got my first (and hopefully only) sunburn of the season! I feel like it’s almost a right of passage in welcoming the summer months. From now on I’ll be a lot more careful. Not so fun to shower when your skin stings.

It was Mother’s Day yesterday. We’re not huge mother’s day celebrators in our family, mostly because I believe in treasuring my mom and what’s she’s been to us EVERY day, not just one day a year. I’m constantly reflecting on how lucky I am to have the parents that I do.

And doubly lucky now to have the in-laws that I do!

We had a little joint Mother’s Day/birthday celebration for A’s mom on Sunday after lunch and then we gathered ourselves together to head home. After a 1/2 hour walk around our ‘hood, the two of us settled in for a joint game of Civilization IV. We haven’t played in awhile and I forgot how fun it was! I was actually a little later than normal going to bed because I was determined to win the war I was waging on a neighbouring country 🙂 I managed to conquer four out of five enemy cities before fatigue took over!

And here we are on Monday, with another busy week ahead of me! I’ll be working late most evenings, which is too bad, but actually works out since I have to leave early on Friday for my bi-weekly OB appointment (which should have been earlier this week but I’m too busy!).

It’s a long weekend this weekend, but we’re not going anywhere! Instead we’re going to focus on getting our vegetable garden ready (weather permitting) and I’m going to try and do some prep work for the baby’s room. I need to clear out the closet in there 🙂

Hopefully I’ll be able to check in again before then, but if I don’t, have a great week everyone!

Friday Ramblings

On the Baby…

Last week I read that around this time in my pregnancy, if A were to try pressing his ear up against my belly, he might be able to hear the heartbeat. So the other night we gave it a try…He placed his ear on my lower belly and all of a sudden the baby started kicking like mad!

C: Did you feel that?

A: No.

C: Did you feel that?

A: No.

C: Did you…

A: WHOA!! I felt that!!!

The baby totally whacked him in the cheek. I know most pregnant moms say this, but I think our kid is going to be a soccer star!

On the Freakish Weather…

Seriously. This week has been so weird with the warm temps. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice and A and I went out three times for walks in the evening, but it’s just so odd. My day lilies are starting to come up and they usually don’t sprout until May!!

On Not Feeling Well…

I’m feeling off today. My boss has a plague of some sort and description. Really hope she hasn’t spread the love.

On Shopping…

My sister and I have plans to go shopping tomorrow. I need maternity clothes and she needs a few things to prepare for having her baby in just over a week! April 2nd my new niece or nephew will arrive!! Thankfully we’re both pregnant and are walking slow. I normally have to slow down to meet her pace, but not lately 🙂

And that’s it. Not a whole lot going through my head this morning! It’s feeling kind of sniffly. Boo! Have a great weekend everyone!


Weekend Wind-Up

If I had one word to describe this weekend, it would be BUSY!!

Friday night we hit up the mall and did a little bit of shopping for A. There are some really amazing sales on right now, and for men’s clothes, which are normally so expensive, there were some great deals. Once we were shopped out, we stopped at the video store on our way home and rented Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. We watched a good chunk of it, but fatigue kicked in for me at 9:30 (Fridays are never good for me) and I went to bed.

Saturday we were up bright and early to get going on some much needed house cleaning and laundry (speaking of….I think I may have left a load in the washer….oops), and then around 3:30 A’s parents arrived with his sister J! After a quick visit, we all headed over to my parents for our joint birthday dinner.

It was a fabulous dinner, as usual when cooked by my mom and I love that our families get along so well! The best moment of the night though was of course something that CJ said…

CJ: Where are you going An’ Kissie?

Me: I’m going to the bathroom.

CJ: I come!

Me: OK

In the bathroom…

CJ: (fiddling with the toilet paper, she breaks off a tiny piece and hands it to me) Here’s some tissue for your bum

Me: (trying not to laugh at the one inch strip) Thank you so much CJ, but I think I need a bit more.

CJ: Oh, ok!

She’s such a ham! Around 8ish we headed back to our place. A’s parents took his sister home then came back and stayed with us for the night. We watched a bit of hockey (the Leafs won!) and then hit the hay.

The next morning we got up and I made us Zucchini Chocolate Chip Pancakes, which were super tasty, and then A’s parents headed out. And then so did we! We had some errands to run, including me needing to renew the license plates on my car. We stopped in to make a few changes to our registry (one item had been discontinued) and to pick up my very first shower gift (thank you B.T!!), and then popped into Marks Work Warehouse to shop a bit for A.

He didn’t end up getting anything (he forgot the gift certificate he got for Christmas), but I did! I bought these:

Aren’t the cute? I’ve seen them in the stores for close to a year now but have never managed to find my size. The best part is that they were on sale! Originally priced at $69.99, they were marked down to $14.99!!! A-MAZE-ING.

Once our errands were done, it was home we went and I got to work on printing off the address labels for our invitations.

Oh. My. God.

Did I ever get frustrated! I wanted to add a picture to the left side of the large address label, to give it a bit of interest. But everything I added it, once the file saved (and it does it automatically after a few minutes whether I wanted to or not), it added a black border around three sides. So not cool!

I threw the labels when they printed off with the horrid border on them (they didn’t go far) and turned to Google to try and fix the problem. I finally figured out the issue, which was related to the formatting in Word 2007. But if you save in the 2003 format, the black lines don’t appear. Boo ya! A was a champ through the whole thing and handled me well. He gave me a hug and then brought me food 🙂

Despite that setback, I printed off all of the labels we needed, and A and I spent less than an hour affixing them to the envelopes. Stamps too! All we need to do now is stuff them with the invitations and RSVP cards (which we’re picking up after work today) and they’ll be ready to go!

And there you have our weekend! Jam packed! Oh, and we did finish watching Scott Pilgrim Vs The World. It was cute. Very different, but I loved that it was set in Toronto.

Happy Monday!

Weekend Wind-Up


I’m pooped! What a busy weekend!!

Friday night A picked me up from the train and we went to meet up with some of his coworkers for a drink. We had a nice visit with them (shout out to P!! So nice to meet you!!), but we were sitting in the path of cigarette smoke coming in from the outside, and left after about an hour. Smoke. Bleh.

Saturday I was up bright and early to welcome my BFF B! We had an appointment at 10am with my mom and my sister to pick out bridesmaid dresses, but she wanted to see MY dress first and then we went out for breakfast for a good catch up.

We got to the bridal salon in good time, and started looking around. Since my sister is going to be just 9 months pregnant when we get married, I knew it was unlikely they could get the same dress, so I focused on them wearing the same colour. My flowers are going to be bright orange and fuscia with bright green accents, so I was leaning towards a neutral for the dress colour, but what happened next astounded me!

I chose pink!

My sister tried on a beautiful dress by Mori Lee. It’s chiffon, and drapes so nicely, and would drape nicely over her future big baby belly. The sample she tried was in the colour ‘Fuscia’ and it looked amazing on her! Then BFF B tried it on and it looked amazing on her too!!

I was like, “Should I do it? Should I be so bold? Will A kill me if I’m such a girly girl??”

What the heck! Fuscia it is!  (and A didn’t kill me. He was fine with it actually. I suppose as long as HE’s not wearing pink, all is well in the world).

We placed the order and presto! Another thing checked off the list

The girls and I separated and A and I headed off for an afternoon of venue shopping. We checked out one place and weren’t overly impressed, which is funny because on paper it looked brilliant! Just goes to show what good photography can do.

But the second place? The place we were looking at for our ceremony? Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. It’s an old chapel, but not affiliated with any particular religion. I love this because I love old churches, but neither A nor I are particularly religious, so we can bring in an officiant.

Our reception will be at another location, but one that’s only 10 minutes away and the timing will work out so that while the guests are enjoying cocktail hour and hors d’oeuvre, we’ll be having our photography done. Perfect!

Oh and the date? March 3rd!! Eeee! I’ll be a MRS!!!!

Saturday night we took a break from wedding stuff and rented Cowboys and Aliens on demand. It was pretty good! Action, adventure. Gross aliens. And Daniel Craig sans shirt. What more could you want?

Sunday arrived and we spent the morning just chillaxing. But eventually the realization took over that it’s only two weeks until Christmas and we’ve pretty much done jack-all in terms of shopping! So off we went. We actually killed two birds with one stone (or wounded them as A says, as we didn’t complete either task) and set off to Home Outfitters to register for our wedding and buy gifts as we wandered through.

Our first attempt at registering (last Thursday) was dismal. We weren’t sure what we wanted and spent most of the time just seeing what there was. This time though, we made it official. We had the gun and started scanning things in. Decisions were made and after 2.5 hours (!) we had a solid start. I think we need to fill it out a bit more, and I still need to decide on a cutlery set, but we have a good solid base for people to work with.

Once that was over it was home for a brief rest and then off to my parents for supper! Luckily we don’t have far to go 🙂

My sister was there with her family, and CJ was so excited to help decorate our parent’s tree! She was also enthralled with my mom’s porcelain nativity set, particularly the ‘Baby Jesus’. Have you heard a two year old say Baby Jesus?? It’s the cutest thing ever! Even cuter when she started serving him tea: “Here baby Jesus, slurp slurp”.

And then it was time to go home. I spent the rest of the night designing our wedding invitation. Thank you Photoshop Elements! I think I’ve hit upon a design that works for both A and I. I’ll be able to work it into an RSPV card, thank you cards and other printing materials (menu, place settings) we’ll need for the wedding. This is the kind of DIY I like!

A is definitely staying invovled with the planning process, which I love and encourage. It’ll definitely be OUR day.

Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start! Only 12 days until Christmas!!


Yes To The Dress

When A and I started talking about getting married, we had thought to wait a little bit (but no more than a year) to do the deed after getting engaged (we’re both big planners, so of course we talked about this before he even proposed).

But on the night of our engagement, he suggested that if we could line everything up, we could get married sooner. Possibly just a few months from now.


Marry the love of my life sooner rather than later? I was totally on board!

So for the past few days, I’ve been investigating the possibility of a late February/early March wedding. And people, it looks like it might be d0-able! The two key elements are venue and dress. I’ve emailed a few venues and there are dates available. We have appointments to visit some next week!

As for the dress? Well. I had booked an appointment to go dress shopping next Saturday (the 10th) with my bridal party (my sister and BFF B) and my mom, but when I called the people at the shop kind of freaked me out a bit. If we were thinking of a wedding in a few months, they might not be able to order something new in time, I’d have to buy off the rack, la la la la la. They said if I could come in earlier, that would be better.

I hemmed and hawed, not wanting my girls to miss out on the experience, but the thought of running out of time got to me and so I booked an appointment for my mom and I to go last night, just to get a handle on things.

Little did I know, I would find THE dress!

Our helper, funnily enough also named Christina, was excellent. She didn’t panic when she heard how soon our wedding might be, but calmly went over our options, which as it turns out, were plentiful. It was too late to order new, but anything in the store can be bought off the rack and usually at a discount!

Did she just say discount? Boo ya!

So the three of us went around, picking out styles (a-line shapes suit me best) for me to try on.

Double EEEEE!

I tried on around 6 or 7 dresses before narrowing it down to two. The final two were quite different, but the winner was the one that made me feel most like a princess. I’ve always wanted to be a princess on my wedding day!


And because it’s off the rack, I was able to bring it home with me! I thought about waiting until the appointment we have next week with my sister and B, but I didn’t want to risk someone coming in and buying it. It’s that fabulous!

I have a dress!! Everything else will fall into place, I just know it!

I’m so excited!

Friday Ramblings

On Winter Coming Up Fast…

It was a balmy -1 degrees Celsius in Toronto this morning (-5 with a windchill…that’s 23 Fahrenheit for my American peeps). Know what that means? Time for my Canada Goose jacket to make an appearance!

On Christmas Coming Up Fast…

Just over a month from now, Christmas will be upon us! Cheese and Toast. I’m not quite ready for it yet! But with Christmas music playing on the radio (102.9 k-lite Hamilton!!), decorations going up and our  annual holiday gala at work last night, the holiday spirit will be arriving at our casa any day now!

On My New Dress…

I bought a new dress yesterday for our holiday gala at work. It’s adorable! I wish I could find a picture! I’ve searched the website for the company that makes it (Dorothy Perkins) but couldn’t pin it down. It’s Grecian/wrap style, black, semi-sleeveless, with a wrap top and pleated skirt that drops to just above the knee and a thin green belt around the waist. It’s super flattering on my curvy frame (boobs and butt, small waist) and the good part? It was on sale. The even better part? I didn’t know it was on sale until I went to check out! Marked down from $72 for $50!! Boo ya!

On Domestic Bliss….

A and I made a trip to Costco the other night and bought a ton of meat: chicken breasts, sausages, sirloin roasts, a salmon filet and the biggest pork tenderloin I’ve ever seen! Oh and we bought freezer bags as well. Later that night we had a bagging session (he handled and cut, I zipped up the bags and labeled) and I marveled at how domesticated we’ve become! Nothing says reaching a new level in your relationship like bagging meat together 🙂

On a Weekend Full of Nothingness Ahead…

We have chores to do, sure, but we have no major plans and this will likely be the last weekend of it’s kind until after the holidays, so we’re going to relish in it!

Hope everyone has a groovy weekend!

P.S. Have you noticed how I’m trying to bring the word ‘groovy’ back into circulation? Try it out. I think you’ll like it!

Weekend Wind-Up

It was tough getting up this morning. Really tough. I’m not sure why, since I went to sleep at a decent hour and only woke up once. Could be that our weekend was jam-packed full of stuff!! Ready for it?

Here we go…

Friday night A picked me up at the train and we headed to my parents for a birthday dinner for my Dad. My sister and CJ were there and I swear, I’ve never seen a busier child than CJ. She is all over the place! I managed to keep her occupied in one place for a good 20 minutes, by giving her my wallet where she proceeded to remove every single card (though unfortunately not my drivers license, which is completely stuck. I though her wee fingers might pry it out!) and even offered my Dad the twenty bucks I had in there. Happy Birthday Poppy!

Saturday morning we lounged around for a bit before pulling ourselves together to make a trip to IKEA.

I love IKEA.

We spent hundreds of our future money, gathering ideas and planning for things to come, but in the end we walked away with just a picture frame ($10), a metre of fabric ($14) and a chocolate bar ($1).

Lunch at Wendy’s (yum!) and a trip to Lee Valley (where we found all sorts of things to add to our Christmas lists) rounded out our trip to the city, and we headed home.

We stopped into Metro on our way back to pick up some yeast, where we found the best bargain of the fall:

Buy one whole chicken, get one free!!

And not only that, but they were a decent price. We bought four, only paying for two, which was around $20. Four whole chickens for $20. Cheese and toast. It makes me a bit giddy to think of it.

So you’ll never guess what we had for supper that night….roast chicken? How’d you know?!

Sunday arrived, which is always bitter sweet. On the one hand, yes, it’s another day off, but on the other, you only have one more day off. Le sigh. Still, lots to do!

I got up and prepped my dough to go into the oven. I decided to try the 100% whole wheat recipe for the first time. It worked out pretty well, though the resting time is double, as is the baking time. However, it’s a much healthier bread, so that’s the trade off I guess. I used loaf pans this time, rather than the free form loaves. The only kink is that I used glass bread pans, which normally isn’t an issue, but this dough is very wet and sticky and I had quite the time getting the loaves out, despite having greased them up pretty well in advance.

Once the bread was done, we popped a roast into the slow cooker and got down to the business of the day: canning tomatoes.

Towards the end of last week, I managed to collect around 9 lbs of roma tomatoes from our garden. Since the remainder won’t ripen for awhile, my plan was to buy a bushel from the local market to supplement ours, but when we got there on Saturday, they were gone. There one week, gone the next. Bummer.

I had wanted to make a marinara sauce to preserve, but 9 lbs wouldn’t go very far in sauce form, so I revised my plan: We would can whole tomatoes instead. With that 9 lbs, we could get at least 3 quarts. The whole process was a bit labour intensive, but went smoothly. I’ll post about it in a bit more detail later this week, but take a look at the fruits of our labour:

We had a few other things to preserve, including a bunch of chili peppers (which we hung up ristra style) and a handful of hot peppers (which we – A – chopped up to be frozen). Easy peasy stuff!

Once that chore was done, we were wiped out! I sat on the couch for a good couple of hours, waiting for the water to boil and the tomatoes to process (they need to boil for 85 minutes). When they were finally finished, we set out to enjoy the beautiful afternoon by taking a walk around our neighbourhood.

Fall is my favourite season! I love the weather, I love the colours. Everything about it is fabulous.

Everyone else swam away when we got close, but this guy showed no fear!

And it’s Monday once again. I hope everyone’s week is off to a groovy start!