Friday Ramblings

I’m so beyond thrilled that it’s Friday! It seems like this has been a super long week.

On the Baby…

26 Weeks today! And man, am I ever feeling it. She’s been growing like crazy this week, so my ligaments and muscles have been stretched to the max!

I got a little teary eyed this morning reading about holding your baby right after birth…what an amazing moment that’s going to be. Less than 100 days until our due date!

On Maternity Leave…

The posting went out for my replacement this week. It’s so weird to think about someone else in my job! But there’s no way  I’d give up my maternity leave for anything in the world. I’m blessed to live in Canada. Though I’ve heard Sweden is a pretty awesome place to have a baby…

My last official day (for now) is July 20th and I can’t wait!

On Hunger…

I’m HUNGRY this week. I seem to be eating non-stop, which makes sense since baby girl has been doing some major growing. I’m trying to make healthy food choices (fruit, cheese, rice cakes, nuts and seeds etc), but sometimes a girl just has to give in to the dark side and eat a lemon cranberry scone smothered in icing from Starbucks. Oh yes. Yes she does. And chase it with some glazed cashews….and a decaf latte…

It’s a little scary watching the scale climb higher and higher each week, but I know it’s for a good reason.

On The Weather…

Could someone tell mother nature it’s almost May? I saw flakes of snow falling this morning! Also, my winter coats don’t do up anymore, so warm the heck up already!

On Wedding Wind-Up…

I started my thank you cards last night! We ordered some cute custom ones from Costco I absolutely love. Hopefully those of you who were there will receive one in the next few weeks! My goal is to do 10 or so a day until I’m done.


Happy Friday!

Friday Ramblings

On Being Sick Yet Again…

This time, a stomach virus. Sounds super, right? Ya. Not so much. The baby is just fine (I saw my doctor yesterday) but mama is a bit miserable! I’ve been home from work the past couple of days. It’s just a bit more comfortable being at home, you know?

On The Baby…

As I said, our baby girl is just fine! She’s kicking and thumping away and last night she even had the hiccups! At first I wasn’t sure what was up. I was feeling this consistent, rhythmic light tapping in my lower abdomen. I thought maybe she was kicking, but they were so evenly spaced apart, which isn’t usual for her. It finally occurred to me she was hiccuping! So funny. They stopped after a couple of minutes.


I’ve been feeling not well since last weekend, so let me tell you, I’m thrilled it’s Friday! I’m hoping I feel well enough to do the things we want to do this weekend. Fingers crossed!

And that’s really it. Not much going on this week, with me being sick. Here’s hoping this is the last bout I have to deal with before the baby comes! Being pregnant and sick is not exactly rainbows and butterflies!

Have a great weekend y’all!

Weekend Wind-Up

I’m so completely off any sort of blogging schedule! Being sick will do that to a girl 🙂

I’m happy to say that I’m on the mend! Over the weekend I actually started to feel somewhat normal (well, as normal as you can be still blowing your nose and coughing constantly). The trip to the ER on Friday was my rock bottom. I had to hit it in order to get better 🙂

A and I managed to get out to Babies R’ Us to start working on our baby registry! And I thought our wedding registry was tough! We tried to get a good mix of gender neutral and also gender specific things so that if our next baby is a boy, there won’t be much to replace. I think we’ve got pretty much everything on there that we’re going to need, but there are a few things I need to research still. Like breast pumps. Too many options!

Other than that we did some much needed tidying up and spent a good chunk of time watching Game Of Thrones Season 1 (so good! It follows the book pretty closely. Though there’s a lot more nudity than I thought there would be…full frontal male!).

The biggest news is that my sister had her baby on Monday, A beautiful baby boy, who hereafter shall be known as CK. I spent Monday watching CJ, getting her pumped to meet her new baby brother! She’s as excited as a two year old can be. I took her to the ‘hopital’ to visit my sister and her new brother and she seemed ok. She was very gentle with him. It helped that he brought her a present 🙂
My sister is doing very well! Not too much discomfort from the c-section and she was quite alert and not too tired afterwards. I kind of get the appeal of scheduling the birth. Though only for legit medical reasons, not for convenience.

Speaking of, my placenta is still lying low. It’s crept up a couple of centimeters, but not enough for comfort. I’ll have to go back for another ultrasound in my third trimester to see where it is. I’m still not worried. There’s still plenty of time for it to shift.

And there you have it! I’m back at work, which is crazy busy but luckily it’s a short work week. Easter weekend is coming up and I get both Friday and Monday off 🙂

I hope everyone is doing well!

Friday Ramblings

On Being Sick…

I’m on day five off of work. I went to the doctor again on Wednesday who gave me stronger antibiotics and informed me it’s moved into my chest. Groovy. She also said there’s no way I can go in to work like this, since there’s absolutely nothing I can take to relieve my symptoms.

I’ve been quite miserable, I’m not going to lie. Not only is my head stuffy and I’m coughing up a storm (though not as much thank goodness), but I’ve been throwing up from the irritation of coughing and possibly as a reaction to the stronger antibiotics. To top it off, I’ve had a major tension headache the past couple of days that won’t go away.


There are two things I’m looking forward to when I finally feel better:

1. A really awesome dinner out that tastes great (my tastebuds are on vacation); and

2. Being able to kiss my husband for more than 1 second without feeling like I’m suffocating (I can’t breathe through my nose!).

On the Baby…

Our little girl hasn’t been impacted by my being sick at all! She is moving constantly and her kicks are getting stronger every day! Since I’ve been so sick, I haven’t yet been able to wrap my head around the fact that we’re having a girl!! I would have been thrilled with a boy as well, but I have always wanted a little girl. So happy!

On Becoming an Aunt Again…

My sister is having her baby on Monday! Since she had an emergency c-section with her fist, she’s chosen not to have a VBAC for her second and I don’t blame her! The perk is that we know exactly when my niece or nephew is going to join our family! I’m on deck to watch CJ for the day and night on Monday, so I definitely need to feel better ASAP!!

And that’s all my poor stuffy brain can pull together on this Friday. I hope you all have had a better week than I have 🙂 Here’s hoping for a health April!

I’m Alive and Have Baby News!

Though barely it feels like. I have been taken down by a seriously nasty sinus infection. I went to the walk-in clinic on Sunday and was given antibiotics, but it seems to be getting worse as days go by. 🙁

It started as a cough, irritation from post-nasal drip, but has blossomed into a full on face-hurting, nose stuffing, ear blocking infection. Ugh.

And other than the antibiotics and Tylenol to ease the aches, there’s nothing I can take! I’ve missed the past two days of work because I’ve been so miserable and am likely to miss a third, which means a trip to my doctor.

It’s 12:30am right now and I’m up briefly to have a snack (PB and J) and will head back to bed in a few.

But not before I leave you with this important information:

We’re having a baby girl!!

I had my second ultrasound this morning and the tech was able to confirm that it is indeed a girl! She was able to get the other information she needed, views of the heart and placenta…my placenta is still low, but she says it’s creeping up. I’ll still have to go back for another ultrasound at 30 weeks to make sure it’s moved sufficiently. Our girl was wiggling around something fierce, but was cooperative in her positioning. I actually saw her swallowing at one point, which was really cool! Oh, and the tech says she weighs just over a pound already!

Well I need to take my stuffy head and cough back to bed now. I just wanted to check in and let y’all know I’m still alive and kicking (though not kicking very far). Hope your week is going well!

Friday Ramblings

On the Baby…

Last week I read that around this time in my pregnancy, if A were to try pressing his ear up against my belly, he might be able to hear the heartbeat. So the other night we gave it a try…He placed his ear on my lower belly and all of a sudden the baby started kicking like mad!

C: Did you feel that?

A: No.

C: Did you feel that?

A: No.

C: Did you…

A: WHOA!! I felt that!!!

The baby totally whacked him in the cheek. I know most pregnant moms say this, but I think our kid is going to be a soccer star!

On the Freakish Weather…

Seriously. This week has been so weird with the warm temps. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice and A and I went out three times for walks in the evening, but it’s just so odd. My day lilies are starting to come up and they usually don’t sprout until May!!

On Not Feeling Well…

I’m feeling off today. My boss has a plague of some sort and description. Really hope she hasn’t spread the love.

On Shopping…

My sister and I have plans to go shopping tomorrow. I need maternity clothes and she needs a few things to prepare for having her baby in just over a week! April 2nd my new niece or nephew will arrive!! Thankfully we’re both pregnant and are walking slow. I normally have to slow down to meet her pace, but not lately 🙂

And that’s it. Not a whole lot going through my head this morning! It’s feeling kind of sniffly. Boo! Have a great weekend everyone!


Weekend Wind-Up

It was somewhat of a lazy weekend, in the sense that practically no housework was done, other than laundry. But stuff did happen. Here are some of the highlights from our weekend:

Bachelorette Dinner! Since I’m pregnant, my sister is pregnant, three of my friends have wee kiddies (though one had to cancel because of a family emergency) and one friend was coming from the city and had to go back that night, we decided that the best thing to do to celebrate my impending wife-hood was to have a fun dinner out! I indulged in a strawberry daiquiri (virgin, of course) and had a very cheesy meal of spinach and goat cheese dip and then four cheese pizza with a balsamic/honey dipping sauce. It was yummy but I paid for it early the next morning. I totally threw up. But what’s a bachelorette without puking?

Though considering I’m still sick this morning, I’m beginning to wonder if either a) morning sickness has made a reappearance or b) I have a stomach virus. Hmm.

Dance Lessons! I’m not going to go into too much detail, but we had a good first lesson. We’ve settled on a style of dance and began learning the moves! We have a lot of practicing to do! Me, I need to work on not laughing when we mess up 🙂

Napping! I know, seems like a weird highlight but I was tired this weekend and had naps on both Saturday AND Sunday afternoon.

Bread! I actually managed to bake some bread this weekend. It turned out well, but I’m still having rising issues when I use a loaf pan. Going to have to investigate that.

Happy Monday everyone!

Weekend Wind-Up

Sorry for the delay in my weekend wind-up folks! I spent 8 hours in the emergency room yesterday and didn’t quite have a chance to get to it 🙂

I’m perfectly fine, though turns out I have a cyst on my ovary! Not so fun.

I started having really bad pains on the left side of my abdomen yesterday around lunch, so I left work, took the train home and had my mom take me to the ER. 8 hours, plus some blood work and an ultrasound, later, I had my answer: a 3.2 cm sized cyst. It sounds big but I’ve read about women having 15cm sized cysts and bigger! Funny how such a small thing can cause so much discomfort! The doctor’s say it should go away on it’s own, but I’ll definitely be following up with my doctor in a couple of weeks.

The pain comes and goes and Tylenol helps, but sleeping is a bit awkward. I had a good six hours but woke up at five both hungry (barely ate at the hospital) and in pain. Not quite sure if I’m going to make it to work yet.

So here I am, at 6am, updating y’all.

We had another busy weekend!

Saturday morning I got up and got ready for my second dress fitting. BFF B arrived around 10 and she, my mom and I headed over to the seamstress. My dress looks AMAZING!! She did such a fabulous job putting in the lace up back and it fits beautifully. I can’t wait for A to see me in it!

When we finished up there, B and I headed down to a local consignment shop. I was on the hunt for a bridal cape of some sort, since we are getting married in early March and it’s likely to be cold. We totally lucked out! They actually have one for rent. I’m stoked that I don’t have to shell out $$$ to buy one.

B and I had lunch at Kelsey’s after that, where I indulged in an appetizer lunch of french onion soup and their signature four cheese spinach dip. Yum! We had some great girly time before it was time to part and head home.

The rest of the afternoon was spent running errands with A before going home again to make lasagna. My dad is away on business for a few weeks, so we had my mom over for supper which was nice. Once she headed home, A and I settled in to watch Kung Fu Panda 2. It was really great! And sad! I cried at certain parts. I’m so lame 🙂

Sunday found us running more errands: new shoes for A, a water fountain for our kitty and a few things for the wedding reception. I’m putting together something I’m super excited about that will involve our guests.

I spent the rest of the afternoon working alternately on that little project, as well as pulling together images and memorabilia of A and I. I’m going to make a DVD to play at the reception. It’s a lot of fun!

And there you have it!

Oh, I wanted to mention that Ten on Tuesday is on hold until further notice. Our gracious hostess, Chelsea, is dealing with the loss of a very good friend. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family as they make their way through this difficult time.

I hope everyone’s week is off to a groovy start! Mine could have started off a little better 😉 but at least I know what’s gong on!

Friday Ramblings

On Movies…

I love cheesy 80’s and early 90’s movies and I’ve made it a point to pick them up when I see them in stores. Amongst my collection is “My Stepmother’s An Alien” and “Like Father, Like Son“. Kind of random, but fun to watch! So you can imagine how excited I was when I came across “The Last Starfighter” the other day! And not just in DVD form, but Blue Ray! And only $12! I of course bought it. I watched it last night and it’s just as I remember. Love it!

On The Wedding…

Only 57 days until our wedding! We’ve got all the plans made. I now have to sit down and write up all our information, what deposits we’ve paid, how much we owe etc. and start working on a to do list for what we need to do moving forward. Like getting our marriage license! We tried to do it last Friday, but the municipal offices were closed.

On The Wedding Registry…

I have to stop looking at my registry, now that my bridal shower invites are out and people are starting to buy things…I would like to show a bit of surprise at my shower when opening gifts!

On Random Subway Occurrences…

I saw a guy playing hackey sack on the subway the other day. He was really going at it, even worked up a sweat! It was fascinating and yet bizzare at the same time. If he’d had a ‘boom box’ we might have been time warped to the 80’s!

On The Weird Weather in Toronto…

It’s six degrees in Toronto today. It’s a heat wave! And I’m not enjoying it. Mostly because it was still cold enough in the morning that I need my heavy winter coat, but at lunch time when I was out and about I just about died from overheating! Ugh. These temperature fluctuations (it was -21 earlier this week) are also a breeding ground for germs. Specifically for me, cold germs. My nose has been a bit sniffly the past few days and I’m hoping against hope that nothing comes of it! I had a huge glass of strawberry-guava juice at lunch (chock full of vit C) to stave off any nasties that may be crawling around my sinuses. Fingers crossed!

Happy Friday everyone!

Friday Ramblings

On Pain…

I whacked my head this morning. That’s the sound it made, too. “WHACK!”.

I was looking in the freezer to grab something for lunch, only to realize that A put all the leftovers from last night it in the fridge instead. So I open the fridge, lean down, grab the leftovers then stand up again to put them in the freezer, only to whack the top of my head on the freezer door that had swung closed a bit.


On Making Boyfriends Do Silly Things…

In the car this morning:

Me: Can we listen to Christmas music on our way to see the lights festival tonight?

A: The whole way?

Me: YUP!!

A: Uh, sure?

Me: Great! We can have a sing-a-long!

A: (glances over at me)

Me: It’ll be fun!

A: Riiiiiight

On Very Special Birthdays…

My adorable niece CJ turns two tomorrow. Two! How incredible is it that this amazingly bright and cheerful little girl has blessed our lives for two years now?

Aunt Kissie loves you baby! Happy Birthday!

On The Cranberry Bliss Bar…

I’m addicted to the cranberry bliss bar from Starbucks. Three times I’ve had it this week!  Today, I’m going to make the ultimate sacrifice and try and abstain from eating it. Wish me luck! It gets tough around 2pm when I need a little pick me up. And Starbucks is only a couple of minutes from work…

I’ve decided I’m going to try and make it myself. I found this recipe that sounds like it’ll be AMAZING.

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy the weekend!