CT went well, very uneventful. I’ll find out the results in a few days, as they’ll send them along to my doctor.

My throat is very sore today. I can barely eat. One of my coworkers thoughtfully offered me her applesauce! There are good people in the world. I’ll head to the walk-in after work. That should be SUPER fun.

Sigh. I feel like poo.

My body is falling apart…

I’ve had a sore throat all day and just looked into it with a flashlight and there are all these white spots!! Gross! Strep? Something else? Could it be related to the pain in my chest?

My CT scan is in the morning. Wish me luck! I’m heading to work after, and apparently to a walk in tomorrow night. Super.

Quite the Tuesday I had…

Yesterday morning I had doctor’s appointment. I’ve been having a pain in my chest when I breathe in deeply. So she examines me, then says “I’m a little worried”. Super. Just what you want to hear! She was concerned I may have a blood clot (I’m at a higher risk because I’m on birth control), but unfortunately they can’t test for it there, so she sent me to the emergency room.

Kissing another day’s pay good bye (I’m over my sick day allowance for the year), I popped into Shoppers to stock up on juice, snacks and reading material, and headed to Ajax Pickering Hospital. Ew, there are sick people at hospitals! Everyone was wearing masks, coughing and sniffling. Gross. It was weird because other than the pain, I had no other symptoms (though today I’ve developed a head cold).

I got checked in and the tests began. Blood work. EKG. X-rays. The wait didn’t seem too long because I was constantly being tested for something. Finally around 3pm I was taken to the smaller waiting room, and saw the doctor. He told me the EKG and X-rays were fine, but my blood work showed elevated levels of whatever they check for clotting. So I have to get a cat scat done. But not for a week or so. I’m really not looking forward to it. I’m slightly claustrophobic and am not looking forward to being in the tube. If it is a clot, they put me on blood thinners and hope for the best! Seems a little anticlimatic to me. I imagined something like having to do some sort of microscopic surgery where they eliminate the clot with a laser. Apparently not.

But the entire day, was I worried about the clot? Not really. Only slightly. I was more worried about potentially missing my date!

Ah yes, the infamous date. How did it go you ask? Ok, I think. I felt a little weird, like it was our first date all over again. But then we haven’t seen each other in over a month. Can’t expect things to just fall back into place. We were able to have a little chat before the show (The Boys in the Photograph…it was good!), and he did walk me to my car, but again, I felt a little awkward. I’m not sure what I expected, and it’s probably all on me, this weird feeling. I feel a little vulnerable because my cards are all on the table and I don’t know if he’s on the same page as me or not (sorry, I jumped metaphors). Time will tell I guess! He said he’d call me in a couple of days, so that’s a positive sign. Not “I’ll call you sometime”. He gave me a timeline.

I’m just going to think positively. It was a good sign he asked me out right away and had concrete plans for us. It was a good sign he said he’d call. Men don’t always share what they’re thinking, so I’m going to assume he’s thinking favourably towards me until I know for sure otherwise.

I will, as always, keep you posted (on the date and the clot)!

The Neti Experiment

Yes, it sounds like the title of a Robert Ludlum novel. But in fact, I’ve just performed a sinus cleanse using a neti pot. Gripping story, I know, but I bet you can’t stop reading….

I’ve suffered from sinus issues for a very long time. Mostly as a result of genetics, but I also suffered from allergies as a child, which I think caused some irreperable damage. I get at least two, sometimes more, sinus infections a year, and almost always have a snuffly nose of some sort. The solution is drugs you say? Nose spray? Well, in a normal person, those would work, but this is me we’re talking about. Any kind of drugs stronger than tylenol knock me out, and that includes the non-drowsy kind. Unless it’s a nose spray, in which case it stimulates me in the opposite way, with a raging case of insomnia.

I’ve been reading about the neti pot for some time, and it’s garnering a lot more attention these days in this flu and cold ridden world. Doing it once or twice a day is supposed to clear your sinuses of bacteria and allergens.The process didn’t sound appetizing, but to give my sinuses a break this winter, I’m willing to try anything! Bring on the neti pot.

My sinus saviour? Only time will tell....
My sinus saviour? Only time will tell....It's cute with a slightly erotic twist 🙂

Following the directions, I filled it with recently boiled lukewarm water, mixed in the saline solution it comes with, and headed to the bathroom. Leaning over the sink, I leaned my head to one side, tucked the spout into my  nostril and started pouring. It took me a couple tries to get the flow running smoothly (the trick is to really tuck it up your nose so it’s a tight seal. Oh, and keep breathing, otherwise the solution gathers in your throat. yuck), but it really does work as you see it on TV! The salty solution literally runs out your other nostril. So gross, but it feels kind of neat. I was worried about stinging, but only felt the sensation of the water filling my sinuses before flowing out. The running water and blowing gently causes excess ‘stuff’ to clear out. Disgustingly, I was hoping to see something impressive come out, but was sadly disappointed (probably a good thing). However, after having done it, I do feel a little more clear in the head. I’ll definitely try it again!

Aren’t you glad you kept reading??


My life has been so uneventful the past few days, I can’t even think of a title for this post. I’ve been taken down with some sort of virus. Aches and pains Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Somewhat sore throat Thursday-Saturday. Low-grade fever Wednesday-Saturday (so far so good today) and major post-nasal drip today. Gross. Kind of a mismatch of symptoms. Things may have been worse, but I started a round of cold fx on tuesday I think may have warded off the worst of it.

As a result, I’ve had  some quiet days, working at home on friday, and just resting yesterday and today. All my plans for the weekend fell through, because people didn’t want to risk catching my germs (understandably, but it’s still lonely). So I’ve been watching movies, playing with my iphone and eating ice cream (Heavenly Hash, thanks Mom!). I managed to get out of the house for 1/2 hour yesterday to pick up The Proposal (Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds…yum). I needed some fresh material to watch.

I’m feeling better today, but am still taking it easy. The smallest things are making me tired. I just had a shower and now i’m wiped. I may need to nap.

Something is afoot…

There is trouble brewing in my head. And I don’t mean crazy thoughts about doing something rash. I can feel the pressure in my sinuses increasing from the normal tap (I’m my parent’s daughter, for sure) to a steady bass drum. Bad news! Here’s hoping the cold fx and vitamins I’m taking will ward off any nasty illness because:

  1. I have no sick days left.
  2. I have a date tomorrow night and I don’t want to be off my game, all gross and blowy.

I’m determined to stay healthy! I will not get sick! I will not get sick!

Anyone have a tissue?

Ah ha!

Well the reason behind my not feeling well is that I have a fever. Perhaps I wasn’t blue today after all, just getting sick. I’m taking it easy tonight, doing some prep for my sister’s baby shower. I made cookies and watched Harry and the Hendersons.

Harry and the Hendersons was serendipidous. The other morning I was thinking about it for some reason. No idea why, it just popped into my head. Then later that night I was flipping through the new release movies on MPIX On Demand, and guess what was there! Yup, Harry! My psychic powers were at work. If only I could use them on demand!

Friday Blues

An odd thing to say, that I have the Friday blues, when usually Friday is an awesome day.  But I have the blues today, and it’s Friday, and so, Friday blues. It’s completely hormonal, this I know, but that doesn’t stop it from happening. I’m headachy, tired, my leg hurts (no clue what I did) and I’m walking with a limp, and I have a massive zit on my chin. Super.

Last night I was in a great mood, mostly because it was the season 5 premiere of Bones! I love that show, and have a huge crush on David Boreanaz. I love him. It was a very enjoyable episode, with Cyndi Lauper guest starring. Bones and Booth are at a pinnacle point in their relationship, both starting to realized their feelings for each other. Can’t wait to see what happens this season!

Also premiering last night was Fringe, which debuted last year and which I quite enjoy, especially with Joshua Jackson as the lead male. I may have to watch it again…I got distracted posting pics of Tally on here.

So that was happy time. But today the blues. They’ll go away, probably by tonight. Maybe I’ll do a little shopping at lunch to help the process along….shopping makes the world a better place. Just thinking about it makes me happy…