I ♥ pizza

There is very little I love to eat more than pizza. I’ll take pizza for breakfast. Pizza for lunch. Pizza for dinner. I love any form of pizza product: pizza pops, bagel bites, calzones. If it has a crust or some sort of bread-like layer, tomato sauce and cheese, I’m sold. No need to even ask if I want it.***

***Conditions apply: If it comes with anchovies or olives, I do NOT want it. Same goes for fruit. I’m very anti-fruit on pizza (and by that I mean pineapple. Yuck).

One of my clearest memories is a pizza we ate one night back in university (B, I don’t think you were there….but remember the pic of me lying on the floor with the Goldshlagger bottle? That was that night…I’m totally gonna track that one down to post!). We’d been out and about, drinking up a storm (so it’s surprising the memory is so clear), and when we got back to our apartment, we ordered the best pizza I’ve ever had in my life. I can still remember how it felt to take that first bite. Bliss. Nothing like some ‘za to soak up a night’s work.

So it would probably come as no surprise that for my celebratory “I’m healthy and can finally eat again post-strep” meal tonight, I’m choosing pizza. I’ve been thinking about it since I got sick. I’m ordering my favourite: mushrooms and extra cheese (on a white crust) with oodles of garlic dipping sauce from Pizza Pizza. My breath will stink. I will probably feel the fat oozing onto my thighs. But man, after having very little to eat since thursday and living off of pasta for the past couple days, that pizza is going to be the best. thing. ever.

I’m so excited!

Weekend Antics

It was a long and busy weekend.

Friday – we had our family thanksgiving. Around the table we had my aunt, two cousins, my parents, my sister and brother-in-law, my sister’s in-laws and my friend, L. It was a great dinner (thanks Mom!) and thankfully I didn’t eat too much, though a two hour drive home from the city caused me to indulge a little too much in the appetizers. But who can say no to goat cheese spreads, guacamole, and maple smoked salmon? Afterwards L and I headed back to my place (she was bunking down at my casa for the night) and we watched I Love You Man, a bromance with Paul Rudd and Jason Segal. Hilarious! So awkwardly funny.

Saturday – dropped L at the train and headed out to meet my sister to run some errands for the baby. She’s in ‘nesting’ mode, trying to get the baby’s room all put together. We had dinner at my parents (leftovers, yum), then headed off to the movies to see Couple’s Retreat. It was pretty funny. I love Vince Vaughn. He’s awesome, and actually played a stand-up guy in this movie!

Sunday – my friend J’s wedding. I met up with A, picking her up at Yorkdale and we made our way up to the hotel we were staying at for the night. The wedding was at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection in Kleinberg, and the newlyweds kindly provided a shuttle to and from the hotel for the night. Very thougthful. The bride was gorgeous, of course, and she did a fabulous job decorating with a fall theme. The food was amazing, the speeches funny and meaningful, and the dancing was awesome! A and I danced until 1am. The shoes did come off. Fave songs: Laid by James, Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leopard (I requested that one) and You Can’t Hurry Love by The Supremes (mine and A’s theme song)

On the busride back to the hotel
On the busride back to the hotel
Me at the reception
Me at the reception

Monday – veg day. I was pooped after not sleeping very well Sunday night, and spent the day on the couch trying very hard not to nap. At one point I may have dozed off, but I’m not 100% sure…there was a Star Wars marathon on TV, so I watched that, but by 8pm was so tired, I gave up and went to bed. I was asleep by 9pm. I woke up just before 8am. Nice.

And so it’s back to work for a short week. I wish every weekend was a long weekend! I feel like our world would be a better place.

Before It’s Time

Confessions of a Sneaky Organic CookI was at my parents for dinner the other night, and my mom brought out this book she had found amongst their collection to show my dad. “Confessions of a Sneaky Organic Cook” by Jane Kinderlehrer, c.1971. Absolutely hilarious! If this woman had written this book in the last 10 years, she probably would have made a fortune.

She discusses everything the food and nutrition gurus have been spouting about for years. Avoid bleached white flour, refined sugar, refined salt, fats that are solid at room temperature etc. Eat nuts and seeds, soy and whole wheat flour, raw sugar etc. She talks about sprouting, a very popular technique in vegetarian and vegan diets. Eating well, she says, can change your disposition, sex life, and overall mental and physical health. She even goes into childhood obesity, which as we all know, has become a serious issue over the past few years.

And she tells you how to make healthy changes without letting your family know it’s happening. It’s written in a humourous way, with little bits of trivia and information and how our bodies work along the way. My one criticism: I’m not really a fan of her rhapsody on eating organ meats (kidneys, hearts and brains). I do enjoy chicken hearts, but I only eat them once every few years, and usually while I’m in Newfoundland. Otherwise, I avoid organ meats entirely, and have been part-time vegetarian for the past year, only eating meat when I”m not at home (with the exception of salmon).

I just find it fascinating that this was something people were concerned about almost 40 years ago. We all, or at least I do, think of the food revolution of the 21st century as a recent phenomenon. That eating healthy and organic has just become ‘chic’. But apparently it’s been happening for a long time. Kind of interesting to think about.

A revelation

I’ve decided I like dating. It’s not a bad thing after all! I’ve always had this notion that dating was weird and awkward. In my last relationship, we didn’t really date, just went from 0-60 in two weeks. But I like this better, taking the time to get to know someone. And I’m finding it fun! But it helps that the person you’re dating is cute and smart and funny and you enjoy spending time with him. I wouldn’t just date for the sake of dating.

R and I had an enjoyable time last night running errands for my sister’s shower. Oddly enough, the dollar store provides fodder for any number of topics…I think that’s the first time I’ve ever used the word Fodder and am not entirely sure if I used it correctly. We then grabbed a bite to eat at East Side Marios. We shared a yummy pasta with a pesto cream sauce, red peppers, mushrooms and chicken. Bada bing bada boom! Good idea to share. I was full without having scarfed down the entire portion, which I definitely would have done. We hung out for a little while, chatting and eventually he headed home.

Tonight is the much anticipated (at least for my sister and I) premiere of Grey’s Anatomy! Our usual routine is for her to come over to my place, but the poor thing is sick this week with a head cold, so I’m heading over to her casa for the show. I already know how last year’s cliff hanger will turn out. With the release of T.R. Knight from the cast, it’s obvious that George will die or have to go off to rehab or something. But knowing what will happen tonight doesn’t lessen the fact that I’m still reeling from how they pulled the wool over my head that George was the John Doe hit by the bus! Never saw it coming! Kudos to the writers!

I’m also looking forward to my massage tonight. It’s been four weeks since my last one, and I am so in need of a little TLC to my muscles! My back is killing me today after spending yesterday morning hauling books out of our work storage unit.

Anyways, back to work I go! Happy Grey’s Day!

Revamping an old favourite

I’m not one for switching up my food choices. I have a standard set of recipes and meals I choose from on a regular basis. I occasionally will step away from the norm and make something new, but generally I’m focused on ease, nutrition and time when cooking.

I had already decided to make pasta for dinner. I’ve started using the Catelli Smart pasta, which is very healthy AND very tasty. I was going to just toss in some olive oil, garlic and some veggies, but all of a sudden on the drive home I thought “Mac and Cheese!” . But regular Mac and Cheese a la mom, doesn’t contain anything other than pasta, a cream sauce and cheese on top. I’ve rejected mom’s attempts in the past to spice up her signature mac and cheese by adding crumbs on top, let alone adding veggies to the mix. But I’m not 8 anymore, and I felt it was time to take a step towards being a grown up.

I cooked the pasta (rotini), made the cream sauce (2 tbsp butter, 3 tbsp flour, salt and pepper and a bit of cheese), sauteed half a red pepper and chopped up some grape tomatoes. I tossed it all together, put it in a casserole and topped it with a medium cheddar. And the result was fabulous! Super tasty, just like always and healthier too!

Best part: Leftovers for lunch tomorrow!