Friday Ramblings

I’m late with this today but I had all three kids today and the babies had difficulty napping, so no time for me to write 🙂

On the Baby…

Miss Molly turned eight months on Monday! She is just motoring along….literally! Now that she’s got crawling down, she’s starting to figure out cruising. Tonight she walked her baby Einstein table from one side of the room to the other and back!
She’s loving having her cousins around, following them around like a little puppy.

On The First True Week…

Other than Monday, when my sister made other arrangements for the kids so that we could get over our weekend sicknesses, I had CK all week and CJ today. Overall, it went well. I’m still in the adjustment period though and logistics of things such as nap time and mealtimes are still being worked out. Ot didn’t help this week that I’ve had a sinus headache that just won’t go away. But I’m getting into a routine of sorts. My goal this weekend is to find a double stroller so that we can go for walks. Being cooped up at home for long will become nightmarish. I have a wagon but that’s really only good for short distances. There’s no way I can pull close to 40 pounds of babies up hill to the store!

On the Walking Dead…

I finally decided it was time to watch the Walking Dead. And you know what? It’s not so bad. I was afraid of bad dreams, but while I’ve had dreams with zombies in them, they haven’t been that scary. My nightmares where Molly is in bed with us suffocating are more terrifying. We’re watching on Netflix and are just finishing up season 1.

On a Surreal Moment…

The pic below shows Molly wearing a onesie I picked up in New Orleans on my trip there with BFF B in 2010 (three years ago this month!). I bought it for CJ and it’s made it’s way back to me. I looked at Molly wearing it and am amazed at what’s happened to me in the past few years. Who would have thought my own daughter would be wearing that shirt? Life is miraculous to say the least.

Happy Friday all! Enjoy the weekend!


Friday Ramblings

This post is filled with boogies and puke…being a mom is rewarding in so many ways but it’s far from a glam job!

On The Baby…

Molly and I have been plagued with colds this week. It’s been disrupting her sleep to the point where she’s waking up numerous times in the evening and then awake for over an hour in the nights. The other morning she puked trying to work post-nasal gook out. Poor girl!

In other Molly news, we had her follow up weight check up last night. She hadn’t shown much gain at her six month appointment so our doctor wanted a follow up. She’s gained over two pounds in six weeks!! 18 lb 14 oz. I wasn’t too worried (she’s not exactly skin and bones) but it’s nice to know she’s gaining 🙂

On Me…

My cold is slowly getting worse each day. Ugh! Luckily yesterday Molly blessed me with a two hour morning and almost two hour afternoon nap! I was able to rest. Which leads me to a rather unfortunate discovery…

On Coffee…

I think I may have to give up the juice. Caffeine may be the culprit of Molly’s short naps. I hadn’t thought of it because she goes down easily but yesterday morning I had a decaf tea and she slept much longer than normal.
I’m going to go without it for a few days and see what happens. Grr. I love my coffee! I’ll still have it if it is the problem, just in decaf form. Not the same, but it’s for the greater good.

On My First Week with Two Babies…

It actually ended up being only one day! My sister went back to work on Tuesday, but CK was sick and my brother in law stayed home with him. CK came to me on Wednesday (between him and Molly I was covered in boogers) but that night both he and my niece came down with the stomach flu and so they were at home the rest of the week (please God let us escape it). Not that I’m glad they’re sick but it worked out what with me having a cold. I had to call my mom for help on Wednesday, I was so tired. I’m quite proud though that I got both babies down for naps within 10 minutes of each other and they both slept for an hour and a half! I’m sure it won’t always be that easy but it was nice for our first full day.

On Technological Blips…

I use the reader on my wordpress app to follow several of the blogs I read. I noticed yesterday, just by chance, that the comments I was leaving on different blogs were all ending up on the same blog! So weird. So if you’ve had rather cryptic comments from me lately, apologies!! I think it’s back to normal now.

Happy Friday all! Swiss Chalet take out for dinner tonight. This sick mama doesn’t want to cook!

Weekend Wind-Up

Easter for us this year was low key and in my opinion, low key is always great!

Late Thursday afternoon we found ourselves on the road to visit A’s parents. The drive started off well, with Milly sleeping for the first hour or so but when we stopped for a much needed coffee, she woke up and the prevervial poop hit the fan.

Lesson learned: no stopping!

We tried her on her own in the back and for a little while she was ok, but gradually the confines of her carseat got to her and soon she was in a full fledged meltdown. So after a stop for a quick nurse, we got on the road again, this time with me in the back to keep Molly company.

All was well once we arrived and she settled down. We put her to bed and then we played cards! We played this game called Five Crowns and I won!!! I was so excited. In the just over two years A and I have been together, I don’t think I’ve ever won a game of cards at his parents. Ever. Alas, my winning streak was a one night affair. The next night I lost miserably in a game of Wizard.

_DSC3977 copy (1024x1280)
Standing on her own for a few seconds at Grandma and Grandpa’s!

Friday was spent playing cards and marvelling at the kids. Molly’s cousins, A (she’s three) and W (almost three months) came for the day with A’s sister and her hubby. We had a yummy turkey dinner (Easter dinner #1) and were all ready for bed around 10. Molly had a tricky time sleeping in her pack and play. She moves around so much and it’s a smaller space than her crib.

Saturday morning we packed up and headed home. Once again Molly slept for the first hour. In a pre-emptive strike, I got in the back with her before she got upset.

_DSC4014copy (1280x848)
Happy Easter!

After lunch, I put our miss down for a nap and then headed out on my own to Costco. Our freezer is bare and we needed some meat! Not the best idea I’ve ever had though. It was incredibly busy, what with it being closed on Friday and Sunday. My blood pressure spiked trying to maneuver my way though first the parking lot (you don’t get a medal for closest spot!! Just suck it up, park far away and use the legs evolution gave you!!) and then the store itself (you should need to take a test to drive a shopping cart). But I survived and our freezer is the better for it 🙂

Easter Sunday arrived with a visit from the Easter bunny! Molly isn’t old enough to reap the sweet benefits of Easter, so he brought her some plastic eggs and a stuffed bunny. She especially loved the plastic grass in the basket, but that was taken away swiftly as soon as she tried to eat it! Chores took up the rest of the day until it was time to go to my parents for Easter #2, which was a yummy prime rib dinner.

_DSC4039copy (1024x1280)
Me and my red locks. Not exactly what I had wanted but not too bad 🙂

During dinner, Molly did something she hasn’t done in months: she fell asleep sitting on A’s lap! She’s not much of a cuddler and never sits still long enough to conk out anywhere but on the boob. I was astonished! But I think it was a sign of things to come. She had a very restless night, waking and fussing for a couple of minutes every half hour or so. I didn’t go in each time, as she wasn’t upset enough (mostly grumbling) but it kept me up as well. Something is bothering her. Probably teething.

So here we are on Monday morning, Molly not straying far from my side. A sure sign something is up with her. A had to work (some people get Monday off today others don’t) but Molly and I will occupy ourselves with a trip to Walmart and taking care of the never ending pile of laundry.

Happy Monday all! Hope everyone had a lovely Easter!

Friday Ramblings

On Me…

I think I’m getting sick. My throat feels funny and my head is achy. Ugh. M1 and M2, if you’re reading this, I’m putting you on alert that if I don’t feel better Saturday morning, I may have to cancel our group date! Fingers crossed nothing comes of it.

In other ME news, I had the stitches from my mole removal taken out on Wednesday and am happy to report the pathology came back normal! I’ve got quite the scar but don’t really care. No one will see it other than the hubs and Molly.

Unless I end up sporting a string bikini, as A kindly pointed out. Uh huh. Ya. ‘Cause THAT’S happening.

On The Baby…

Another tooth has pooped up with relatively little fuss. She was a bit grumpy the other day but nothing a little Tylenol couldn’t fix.

Earlier this week I was astounded when Molly did this:

What??!! Should my baby be doing this now? It’s too soon! She walked further than what I show, but the rest of the video is choppy as I lunge for her several times thinking she’s going to topple over 🙂

On Baby Led Weaning…

As expected, Molly is loving her ability to feed herself! Her appetite for solids comes and goes (related to teething I imagine). She adores peaches and butternut squash. I finally managed to get her to eat yogurt (doctor’s advice) but it took some tweaking. She won’t let me feed her. Nope. She’ll have none of that! But she will let me load the spoon and maneuver it towards her mouth, at which point she’ll grab it and pull it the rest of the way in. She’ll eat almost a whole container that way! I’m giving her Liberte Baby yogurt in the banana flavour.

On The Pioneer Woman…

I’m so excited! The Pioneer Woman’s cooking show is starting on the Food Network Canada this weekend. At least I think it’s starting. It’s entirely possible it’s been in Canada for a long time and I just never noticed. I’ve set up the PVR to record it. There’s a 99% chance I will forget it’s on.

On Child Care…

A couple of times this week, I had my sisters kids here, in anticipation of her going back to work. Both times went well! I’m so happy that CK is no longer screaming for 30 minutes after my sister leaves. His separation anxiety seems to have waned. Whew! As silly as it sounds, considering I have one, I’m not used to babies crying! I literally broke out into a sweat the times that he has cried for half an hour.
I’m going to have to work to streamline things, like nap time and meal time but we’ll find our groove. The whole experience is a learning curve!

Have a great weekend everyone! My monkey is awake from her morning nap. A whole 40 minutes! Wow. At least I got to shower 🙂

Creating Kid Central

In a couple of weeks my sister finishes her year of maternity leave and is heading back to work. Boo! I’m so sad and will miss her terribly but am thrilled that I’m going to be looking after my niece and nephew until she finishes work in June (she’s a teacher)! CJ will only be with me a couple of times a week but CK will be here Monday to Friday. Which means that our house is about to become Kid Central.

I’ve been thinking and planning a lot about how it’s going to work with two babies (CK is four months older than Molly) and a three year old.

One of the things foremost on my mind is visibility of the wee ones while I’m in the kitchen. I had a few ideas to implement.

Our main living area and kitchen are within the same space. One half is the living room and the remaining half is divided with one part the cooking area and the other the eating area.

One solution to keeping the kids in sight is to put up a gate across the entrance to this space. This keeps them all together and blocks both sets of stairs.

_DSC3941copy (1024x1280)

It’s also an excellent way to protect the cat! She’s awesome with the baby, but since Molly has started crawling, has become a bit wary. She doesn’t like little people coming at her full force and keeps her distance 🙂

My other idea required a bit of furniture rearrangement and relocation.

Up until now I had a three seater couch dividing the space and a love seat on the other wall creating an L shaped sitting area, but on Saturday we moved the love seat to the front room (a small parlour area) and moved the three seater to where the love seat used to be. The space is now wide open with no divider.

_DSC3957copy (1280x848)

It’s not optimal for visitors, with half our seating now gone, but it creates an open line of sight for me and a huge space for play. I’m not as much worried about CJ, she’s quite tall, but CK and Molly are small and grab and trip over each other all the time.

One of the other issues I’ve been trying to figure out is storage in this space.

In the living room, out from under the TV unit came my catch-all bins and in went bins for toys. I re-purposed some baskets I had in our front hall closet that fit well.

_DSC3960copy (1280x848)

And then there’s the kitchen. Always a challenge when it comes to storage, especially with my interest in cooking and baking.

We made a trip to IKEA on Sunday to pick up a shelf unit. I need this for a few reasons:
One, to hold my ever expanding collection of cook books.
Two, I’m continually accumulating more cooking and baking tools (Most recently a three tiered cooling rack and a cake decorating set).
And three, with kids comes kid eating paraphernalia: bowls, spoons, sippy cups, bibs. The list goes on.

I love this unit for the open shelves on top, and the deeper closed off area below.

_DSC3945copy (848x1280)

Perfect in terms of function and at only $120, perfect in price! I was looking at similar units sold elsewhere for $8-900! Uh, no.

With this in place I can focus on organizing the pantry so that things for the kids are close at hand. I hope this helps things run smoothly! More on my pantry reorganization later.

It’s going to be a fun adventure, that’s for sure!

Weekend Wind-Up: Anniversary Edition

We’ve been officially married a year! Yesterday was our wedding anniversary and to celebrate we treated ourselves to a weekend getaway in Niagara-On-The-Lake! It’s a quaint picturesque town, known for it’s history (Fort George and oodles of other historic sites), it’s theatre (the Shaw Festival) and it’s proximity to both the regions wineries and also to Niagara Falls. I’ve been there before, but never to stay, and always during the tourist season when it’s both expensive and very busy.

We booked the Culinary Connoisseurs package with the Prince of Wales Hotel. With the package came a one night stay, a three course meal for two at one of three restaurants and passes for wine tastings at two local wineries (for those of you not familiar, the Niagara region is one of Ontario’s prime locations for producing wine).

Since I’m still breastfeeding Molly and she doesn’t take a bottle, we of course took her with us! I couldn’t ask for a better baby to travel with, even with a tooth coming in! She charmed everyone we came in contact with and the only fussing she did was close to her bedtime at dinner on Saturday night. And Molly fussing is really her getting a little bit louder.

Saturday morning, after Molly woke up, we started getting ourselves together. Niagara isn’t too far from us, just under a two hour drive, making it a perfect trip for her morning nap. We arrived at our hotel around 11.

_DSC3763 copy (1280x1024)

When I booked our reservation I mentioned we would be there early, and they had a room all ready for us. Our room was stunning, an upgrade from our original reservation when they found out it was our anniversary, with rich royal blue patterned wallpaper, dark wood furnishings and traditional patterned linens. I particularly loved the Tiffany-inspired lamp and the canopy over the bed!

IMG_0487 (960x1280)

IMG_0488 (960x1280)

IMG_0492 (960x1280)

Molly was under the impression she would be sleeping in the bed with us. Sorry darling! It’s the pack and play for you!

Our room also came equipped with a jacuzzi tub!! I definitely made use of that 🙂

We settled ourselves in, then popped over to the Irish pub across the street for a light lunch of grilled sandwiches. We let Molly try her first french fry but she wasn’t impressed. She doesn’t really care for warm food yet.

_DSC3764 copy (1280x1024)
Horse and carriage ride available outside the hotel. If it hadn’t been so cold, we would have enjoyed that!

After lunch we headed off for a tour and tasting at Peller Estates winery. Wow!

_DSC3768copy2 (1280x1024)

It’s an incredibly impressive place. The building looks old, but isn’t. Still, that doesn’t take away from the European atmosphere. We signed up to do a tour and then did a wine tasting. The tour was neat, with an overview of the history of Peller Estates Winery and a bit of information on how wine is made in Ontario. The tour included a wine tasting as well, but since we were doing one afterwards, I abstained. One, I was driving and two, I’m breastfeeding. Didn’t want too much in my system! I wish I’d taken more pictures, but the tour was outside and in the area where they store the barrels of wine, which is climate controlled. Chilly!

_DSC3774 copy (1280x1024)
We’ll have to go back in the summer to see the vines in full bloom!

_DSC3793 copy (1280x1024)

The wine tasting after the tour was fun. We had a voucher from our hotel package, so our tasting was free. We tried a red, a white and an ice wine. The white was a Reisling, one of my favourite wines. I don’t recall the red, but it was ok. A little sharp for my taste. And I’m not a huge fan of ice wine, it’s too sweet for me. But did you know that 60% of the world’s ice wine comes from Ontario? Makes sense, given our cold temperatures! Molly was awesome through both the tour and the tasting. We are blessed with a content baby!

_DSC3800copy (1024x1280)

We left the winery with a bottle of red, a bottle of white and a cook book I can’t wait to look over! It’s called 3 Chefs and one of the chefs who helped create it is the Executive Chef at Peller.

We got back to our room for a rest and a feed, until it was time to get ready for dinner. I booked our dinner reservation at Tiara, the restaurant at Queen’s Landing, a sister hotel to the Prince of Wales. It was only a couple of minutes drive from our hotel, and we arrived on the dot of 5pm. The place was empty! It was great. I wasn’t worried about Molly kicking up a fuss, but you never know with it being close to her bed time. If I’d booked our dinner any later, we would have run into trouble. By the time we left, she was making her presence known (she got louder. Not crying, just a bit more vocal).

I wish I’d taken pictures of what I ate, but I was focused on enjoying the incredible flavours! I had an amazing risotto as my appetizer. It was extremely flavourful and featured braised oxtail! For my entree I chose cornish hen coq au vin, which was heavenly. It came with mashed potatoes and spaghetti squash. Yum! Molly tried a bit of the hen and seemed to enjoy it. Dessert though, was the best course by far! I had macadamia nut cheesecake with toasted marshmallow ice cream. Wow. It was amazing! And the service was fantastic as well. Our waiter was kind enough to take our family picture:

IMG_0512copy copy (1280x1024)

On the way back to our hotel, Molly fell asleep. And stayed asleep as I transferred her out of the carrier, which she never does! She’d only had a 1/2 hour nap that afternoon and was probably pooped from all the activity. Unfortunately, because she hadn’t nursed before bed, she was up at 9pm and didn’t go back to sleep until almost 11! She was up again at 1:30, but back down by 2 and then slept until 7am. It seemed none of us slept well. I stupidly didn’t bring my own pillows, which I usually do, but we already had enough baggage with the baby paraphernalia, I didn’t want to add to it. I should have known. My neck is incredibly sensitive and I was quite uncomfortable. A didn’t sleep well either, as he was coming down with some sort of bug.

He wasn’t feeling well at all on Sunday morning, and so we cut our day a little short. We had breakfast at a little cafe along the main street, then did a quick bit of shopping at Cows and Hatley. Cows is a really fun shop! I’ve been to the store in Prince Edward Island, but hadn’t realized they had a location here. Known for their ice cream, they also sell clothes. Their whole premise is to take modern pop culture and adapt it using cows and cow related terms. Example: I have a t-shirt that has a picture of an orange and white striped cow with the caption “Finding Nemoo”. I howled with laughter looking at their website. I picked up a few things for Molly and our nieces and nephews and then we hit the road, bypassing the second winery visit. My poor hubby was just feeling too crappy 🙁

And so even though it ended with a sick husband, we had a really fabulous Saturday in Niagara-On-The-Lake. An excellent way to celebrate our anniversary. We definitely want to go back again!

IMG_0517 (960x1280)


Six months with Baby

In another week Molly will be 7 months! I can’t believe how fast time has flown by. Every day she brings a new element of joy to our lives. She really is a remarkable baby. And cute as a freakin’ button!!

I thought it appropriate to check in with myself to see if, six months in, parenting is what I thought it would be…

Me: Would you say you had a smooth transition to motherhood?

Me: It’s been fairly smooth yes. I mean, the first few weeks were tough, getting used to the change in my sleep habits, but on the whole it’s been pretty easy!

Me: Is she a crier?

Me: Thankfully, no. In fact she cries so infrequently I thought she might be one of those kids who doesn’t feel pain. But then one day she fell back onto the carpet and bumped her head. She cried and I let out a whoop of joy…while comforting her of course 🙂
We’ve only had one night when she was crying nonstop in the middle of the night. She was five days old and the poor thing couldn’t poop! Happily the situation, ahem, rectified (haha) itself!

Me: Are you exclusively breastfeeding?

Me: Yes, though now we’ve introduced solids. But other than a few ml of formula on the day we brought her home from the hospital (on the advice of our lactaction consultant), I exclusively breast fed her.

Me: Any problems with breastfeeding?

Me: There was the expected nipple soreness. And Molly initially had a shallow latch which didn’t help. But we eventually figured things out. I still find it most comfortable to feed her with a nursing pillow. Much less pressure on my arms, shoulders and neck that way.

Me: Molly started sleeping through the night at two months (5 hour stretches or longer)…what’s your secret?

Me: Honestly, I just think that some babies are developmentally ready for it sooner than others and I got lucky. She’s been ahead in most areas since day one. I think one of the tricks though is feeding on demand through the day and a big feed before bed. She often wakes up once a night, around 3-4am but that’s after sleeping an 8 hour stretch.

Me: So you nurse her to sleep? You said you didn’t want to do that…

Me: I did say that! But I also said nothing was set in stone and I was adaptable. My opinion about nursing to sleep has changed. I no longer see it as a habit. Now, it’s part of what my body was designed to do. Not only can I nourish, but I can soothe and comfort. Bedtime is a calm and peaceful around here. There is no crying, no endless rocking. Other children rely on a pacifier, toy, sound or light to go to sleep. My daughter needs ME. The only difference is that my time is required. But what’s 45 minutes? I think of it as down time. Nothing like nursing to make you sit!

Me: So you’re not worried she’s going to be unable to sleep without nursing?

Me: not at all. In fact, more often than not now, she won’t fall fully asleep and I put her down awake. Nine times out of ten she’ll roll over and go to sleep on her own. Other times she’ll just grumble herself to sleep or there are times when she’s just not finished nursing. But what’s key is that through the night, when she wakes, she doesn’t always need me to go back to sleep. She does that all on her own. If she wakes up wanting me, I know its because she’s hungry. I’m thrilled we haven’t had to sleep train her. She’s figured it out for herself, as she was ready. That’s kind of our philosophy. I’ll nurse her to sleep as long as it works for both of us.

Me: Did you co-sleep at all? What about baby-wearing? Are you a crunch mama??

Me: I really don’t like to put labels on parenting, but I know what you mean. I suppose I’m crunchy in terms of my feelings about breastfeeding Molly and in preferring not to let her crying out, but for a lot of other things, no. We don’t co-sleep because the thought terrifies me. I actually had nightmares every night for her first three months that either myself or A was rolling over onto her or that she was suffocating under the covers. Once we moved her to her own room (at three months), the nightmares stopped. I think it may have been her proximity to me. She has never, ever slept in our bed. As for baby-wearing, I just can’t handle that physically. I suffer from tension headaches and the slightest strain on my neck triggers a headache. Even the most ergonomic slings are uncomfortable for me.

Me: Have you encountered the “mommy wars” yet?

Me: I personally haven’t had any criticism as far as how we’ve decided to parent Molly. We’re doing what’s right for us and for our child and are confident in our decisions. But I’ve read a lot where people are openly criticized for their choices. I don’t think it’s fair to judge someone for doing something differently than you. I mean, hey, we’re choosing not to let Molly Cry It Out but that doesn’t mean I think badly of the people who do. It’s just not the right choice for us.

Me: Any problem areas?

Me: We can’t seem to pin down a consistent napping schedule. We follow a routine in which she’s generally ready for a nap two-three hours after waking from sleep, but the length of her naps vary. I blame any number of things, but the number one culprit is usually that she has to poop! At least she gets a decent nights sleep.

Me: What’s next for Molly?

Me: Well, we’re well into introducing solids using the Baby Led Weaning method. It’s going very well! And just today we noticed the beginnings of a tooth! Her gums are starting to split a bit. Thankfully so far teething for her hasn’t been a horrible experience. She’s also trying to master the mechanics of crawling and pulling herself up! A lot of learning! No wonder she can’t sleep during the day!

Me: Sounds like you’re enjoying yourself…

Me: I really am! I’ve waited my whole life for this, to be a mom, and it’s more amazing than I could have ever imagined!

Me: Thanks for talking with me today.

Me: My pleasure. You’re quite lovely to talk with.

Me: Why thank you…

Me: No,thank you!

Weekend Wind-Up

It was a long weekend here in Ontario, and since we haven’t seen A’s family since his nephew was born a month ago, we decided to make the trek east for a visit!

Since its a three hour drive and Molly sleeps in the car, I was worried about disturbing her routine. She doesn’t sleep much in the morning, and leaving Friday afternoon wasn’t an option, so I decided that Friday night was our best bet. If we left close to her bedtime, she would be asleep quickly and it would be a quick feed when we arrived to get her settled again. Sounds good, right?


It was a mess. She alternately cried and slept, which meant I ended up in the back seat for most of the trip, lulling her back to sleep with my iPhone. (The Baby Touch and Hear – Listen Sounds app is worth the .99 cents it cost!). She didn’t fully settle until well after we got there and didn’t go back to sleep until close to 2am!! Luckily her normal routine wasn’t disturbed and in fact the next night she actually slept 11 hours straight, something she hasn’t done in weeks!

Saturday morning we got up and Molly was her usual happy self. We had a family breakfast and then got down to the important business of relaxing, alternately playing cards and playing with babies and snacking for the rest of the day!

Sunday was much of the same, until it was time for us to go. We had a great time chatting, laughing and baby watching 🙂

Happily the ride home was tears free (from both of us) and we only had to stop once: A needed a coffee!

Holiday Monday was a true relaxation day for us. Molly treated me with a 2.5 hour nap! She NEVER does that anymore. But she’s had a little cold, so I imagine she’s sleeping it off. Dinner with my family rounded off a truly family oriented Family Day weekend. We’re so lucky to have our parents and siblings close by (within driving distance).

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

_DSC3618 copy (1280x1024)


One Day

The other day, I thought it would be fun to chronicle a typical day in my life with Molly. Turns out it wasn’t such a typical day after all!!

7:10am – Molly starts to stir. I get up, use the washroom and get dressed

7:20 – I go in to get the baby. She’s excited to see me! Since she slept through the night, she needs to be fed, stat

7:35 – She has quick feed because I had a ton of milk. Time to change her bum! While doing that, A comes up to say good bye before heading to work

7:45 – Time for my breakfast! We head downstairs. I pop Molly in the exersaucer and while making my breakfast (cold oatmeal with milk, yogurt and banana and of course, a coffee) call my sister to see how her night was. Not good apparently. Both her kiddies were up and we ponder if CK is going through a growth spurt, because he nursed so much through the night.

7:50-8:20 – I eat my breakfast watching an episode of Stargate while Molly has independent play.

8:20- Molly starts to let me know she’s ready to go back to bed (lots of mmmmmm and rubbing of the eyes). I take her up to nurse

8:20-8:40 – She nurses and drifts off fairly easily. I put her down a little bit awake but she rolls right over onto her tummy and goes to sleep.

8:40 – I grab a shower and get somewhat dressed in yoga pants.

8:50 – I consider my next move…dishes? Laundry? Nah. I’m tired and feeling a bit fuzzy in the head (sinuses) so I decide to relax and watch some TV. Though I do remember to take something out for dinner.

9:16 – a noise from the monitor. Molly shifts positions…is she waking up?

9:18 – nope

9:21 – she shifts again. Wake up may be imminent.

9:28 – more shifting. Snorting (she has a cold)

9:46 – she’s still sleeping. Thinking I should have napped too.

10:01 – she’s awake but has yet to call out for me. I’ll wait until she does

10:06 – I go get my monkey

10:17 – Get Molly dressed for the day

10:20-10:46 – I plop her on the floor of our bedroom with some toys so I can make the bed and put away some laundry. I call my mom and we chat while I putter

10:46 – someone’s hungry! We head to the basement for a feed (recliners!)

10:51 – finished nursing! She gets a lot in a short time. I can pump four oz in five minutes in the morning if I’m too full and she’s not up yet

10:52 – time to play for a bit, together on the floor

11:10 independent play time, with intermittent interaction with me while I clean the kitchen

11:18 – and we’re done playing on our own

11:20 – my sister calls and we chat while I play with Molly

11:30 – time for another feed

11:35 – that was short lived. Play on my lap for a bit, then back to the floor.

11:56 – ready for another nap! Upstairs we go to nurse. She knows that when we nurse in her room, it’s time to sleep.

12:01 – eyes are closed, still nursing though

12:13 – and she’s out. Not even a peep as I laid her down. Time for me to have lunch! Avocado egg salad sandwich. Yum!

12:57 – well that was short lived. I manage to eat and get the kitchen almost tidied before she wakes up!

1:20 – after a bum change and a quick nurse, I decide we should get out of the house! Off to the grocery store we go!

2:36 – I get home from groceries and check my phone, to find two missed calls and a text from my hubby saying his sister had her baby just over an hour ago!! We have a new nephew!! What a fun day to track what I’m doing!

2:55 – Molly is awake (she fell asleep for like 20 minutes on our way home) and we’re just trying to figure out if we’ll drive to see his sister tonight or tomorrow. She’s two hours east of us, but with Molly it may take a bit longer.

2:55- 3:08 play time with the wee one until I remember I have groceries that need refrigeration.

3:15 – and we’re going to Kingston!

3:26 – get the baby and myself changed for the drive. Her in a pair of sleepers, me in comfy stretchy jeans.

3:35 – we are on the road!

4:07 – baby is asleep. The circumstances of our trip have us talking about the timing of having another baby…the consensus: not quite yet!

6:00 – we arrive at the hospital in Kingston

6-7:30 – visit with A’s family and meet our new nephew! Try and get the Molly to nurse, several times but there’s too much going on

7:45-8:00 – feed Molly in the car. It’s often the easiest location.

8:00 – we get back on the road

8:05 – Molly falls asleep

8:57 – stop in Trenton to use the bathroom and feed Molly (she wakes as we stop)

9:13 – back on the road;
Molly’s grumbling but not crying

9:19 – all is quiet in the backseat

10:15 – we arrive home, just in time because Molly wakes up. I take her upstairs to nurse

10:46 – and she’s out! This time for good. She went into her crib without protest and immediately rolled over onto her tummy to sleep. I won’t hear from her again until 7am

And there ends a not so typical day. We’re thrilled about our new nephew and can’t wait to see A’s family again. Hopefully in a couple of weeks!

The Randomness of a Three Year Old

Talking to my niece on my birthday…

CJ: happy birthday aunt Chrissie!

C: thank honey!

CJ: you have to have a party

C: ok love. We’re having dinner at grandma and poppy’s tonight.

CJ: I’m going to wear my Newfoundland hat

C: that’s….great?!

CJ: aunt Chrissie…

C: yes baby?

CJ: I’m not small anymore

C: no baby, you’re definitely not