Weekend Antics

It was a long and busy weekend.

Friday – we had our family thanksgiving. Around the table we had my aunt, two cousins, my parents, my sister and brother-in-law, my sister’s in-laws and my friend, L. It was a great dinner (thanks Mom!) and thankfully I didn’t eat too much, though a two hour drive home from the city caused me to indulge a little too much in the appetizers. But who can say no to goat cheese spreads, guacamole, and maple smoked salmon? Afterwards L and I headed back to my place (she was bunking down at my casa for the night) and we watched I Love You Man, a bromance with Paul Rudd and Jason Segal. Hilarious! So awkwardly funny.

Saturday – dropped L at the train and headed out to meet my sister to run some errands for the baby. She’s in ‘nesting’ mode, trying to get the baby’s room all put together. We had dinner at my parents (leftovers, yum), then headed off to the movies to see Couple’s Retreat. It was pretty funny. I love Vince Vaughn. He’s awesome, and actually played a stand-up guy in this movie!

Sunday – my friend J’s wedding. I met up with A, picking her up at Yorkdale and we made our way up to the hotel we were staying at for the night. The wedding was at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection in Kleinberg, and the newlyweds kindly provided a shuttle to and from the hotel for the night. Very thougthful. The bride was gorgeous, of course, and she did a fabulous job decorating with a fall theme. The food was amazing, the speeches funny and meaningful, and the dancing was awesome! A and I danced until 1am. The shoes did come off. Fave songs: Laid by James, Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leopard (I requested that one) and You Can’t Hurry Love by The Supremes (mine and A’s theme song)

On the busride back to the hotel
On the busride back to the hotel
Me at the reception
Me at the reception

Monday – veg day. I was pooped after not sleeping very well Sunday night, and spent the day on the couch trying very hard not to nap. At one point I may have dozed off, but I’m not 100% sure…there was a Star Wars marathon on TV, so I watched that, but by 8pm was so tired, I gave up and went to bed. I was asleep by 9pm. I woke up just before 8am. Nice.

And so it’s back to work for a short week. I wish every weekend was a long weekend! I feel like our world would be a better place.

Ah, Guiness Book of World Records? Over here!

I’d like to submit my kitty, Talia, for the category “Smartest Cat in the World”

Who, Me?
Who, Me?

Background: About a year and a half ago I bought an automatic pet feeder. Best thing ever! It gives her food every four hours,  just little bits at a time. So it manages her intake for controlling her weight, AND keeps her from waking me up in the wee hours of the morning. Brilliant! Earlier this year the spout broke off (it was cracked) and she figured out where the food comes from. She’d dig her little paws into the hole, drawing out the food. Finally, I got a new spout, and eventually a new unit altogether, when the motor in the old one stopped working. No more freebies! Or so I thought….

Mischeif maker
Mischief maker

Initial evidence: Since getting the new unit arrived, my baby hasn’t stopped trying to dig the food out, pawing at the spout, trying to fit her paws up into it. It’s really quite funny to watch. Then last week I come home and one of the side wings of the spouts has broken off (hard to explain, but it covers up the gap between where the spout starts and the main unit). It’s hard to believe it just broke off at random.  There must have been a flaw in the plastic, because I can’t believe she would have the strength to break it off.  So she was able to get a few pieces out at a time. No big deal.

Qualifying Incident: Last night her 10pm feeding goes off, but not much food is coming out. I look at the unit and the food isn’t evenly spread out. A funnel effect has occurred. I shake it to smooth it out, and at the same time, some food drops out into her dish. Tally is ecstatic. I go to bed, she comes with me, and all is well. Just before 4:30, I wake up and go to the washroom. She hopped down and went downstairs. I get back and bed and am just about back asleep when I hear this thumping noise, followed by a rattle sound. Four times this happens, and then it came to me! She’s shaking the feeder to get the food out! She figured out, by watching me, that if she jiggles the feeder, she’ll get her reward. I was shocked. Seriously shocked. Is this normal feline behavior? I know cats are smart, but come on! That’s just genius. I didn’t see exactly what she was doing do shake it, but guaranteed I’ll be trying to get video of it.

So there you have it. The smartest cat ever. On the one hand, I’m a proud mama. On the other, I’m not quite sure what this will do to her waistline….or to my sleep. The thumping was quite loud.

Sleeping beauty. Can't stay mad at her for long!
Sleeping beauty. Can't stay mad at her for long!

Post-shower relaxation

Well, I’m not quite sure what to do with myself. For the past couple weeks it’s been shower-central, planning, shopping, organizing. And now it’s over! Whew.

Things actually went very smoothly, without stress and headaches. I took two aleve before the festivities started, which was smart thinking on my part.

We had about 50 people in total, plus many babies and kids! The food was stellar (Thanks to my mom and Mrs. K for that) and my sister was blessed with many wonderful gifts. Later on, we went through everything she received and did a little organizing.I can’t believe her baby will be as tiny as some of the clothes she received. Amazing really.

Now, I’m taking it easy, getting my house in order, grocery shopping etc. I’m a little at odds, wanting to relax, but also wanting to do something. I sit for five minutes, then jump up and start dusting or gathering laundry. I suppose I’ll find my balance….

Baby shower

A little bit of this and that

If you’ve never had a massage, get one. They rock. I get them to control my tension headaches, and it appears to be working! My headaches have been few and far between the past few months. Plus, they just feel good. I get wrapped up in this warm cocoon before she starts, followed by some back work, then neck work. Magic fingers. Last nights massage was well-timed, as I managed to pull the muscles in my lower back lifting boxes the other day. I keep forgetting I’m not 25 anymore!

After my massage I headed over to my sister’s, where I popped in a glam supper of Pizza Pops, and settled in to watch Bones and then Grey’s Anatomy.

Bones was good, but as I mentioned to B, not stellar. Though the chemistry between them at the end was off the charts. You could see the sparks flying. I also noticed that the guy I’m seeing, R, slightly resembles David Boreanaz….score one for me!

At 9pm the premiere of Grey’s started, and honestly, by the time it was 9:30 I was ready for it to end, but there was still a whole hour and a half left! As expected, George died, but I didn’t cry like I thought I would. Maybe I’m in too good of a mood lately….anyways, the episode followed the first 40 days following his death and the grieving process of the staff. My favourite moments were those with McSteamy (yummy man Eric Dane), who was the comic relief for the depressing atmosphere surrounding Seattle Grace. The part that did make me cry was when Alex was yelling and mad at Izzy because she died in his arms.

I’ll try and catch up on some of the shows I missed this week tonight (Glee, Eastwick), but mostly I’m prepping for the baby shower I’m throwing tomorrow for my sister. I’m expecting 50 people, and have to bake cupcakes to feed them all! Thanks mom for helping with that (and everything else!)!

Hope you all enjoy a fabulous weekend!

Last weekend of summer

I had a great weekend, filled with lots of time spent outside…and it shows! For some apparent reason I forgot sunscreen, and a hat, and as a result my skin has a decidedly lobster-esque quality to it today. Just call me farmer C!

The main reason for my new found glow, is that R and I had our fourth date, which was spent entirely outdoors. He asked me to go to the British car show in Oakville, where he was showing one of his cars. I was picked up yesterday morning in a DeLorean!! Yup, how cool is that??? We drove to and from the show in a vintage, 1981 DeLorean.

"Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads"
"Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads"

I made the expected jokes, asking where the flux capacitor was, and how not to go too fast or we’ll be transported back in time. He took them with the ease of someone who’s heard them many, many, many times before!

We had a great time though, enjoying each others company for the day. It was a long fourth date! It was my first car show and I enjoyed soaking up the atmosphere and people watching. I’m up for trying anything once!

In other happenings, I ran some baby shower related errands, and finished up my sign (I do a custom made sign for every shower I throw). I can’t believe it’s this Saturday! I can’t believe my sister is having a baby! Eeee!

Talia, helping me wrap my sister's baby shower gift
Talia, helping me wrap my sister's baby shower gift

My parents returned home from a successful trip out east. They were renovating the kitchen in our house in Newfoundland. They’ve done a stellar job! I can’t wait to use it next year. Really happy they’re back. I was just getting used to having them around, and they disappear for three weeks! Today is my dad’s birthday (Happy Birthday Dad!) and we’re heading to the Keg for supper. Mmm. Food coma, here I come!