You know it’s fall when….

…You forget how to dress weather appropriately. You’re still tied to your summer clothes and don’t realize that 17 isn’t really that warm

…you’re alternately hot and cold throughout the day

…traffic is ridiculous! The days of 45 minute drives to work and getting a seat on the early train are over.

…the kiddies disappear

…you don’t have to mow the lawn anymore

Fall, a couple years ago at B's cottage
Fall, a couple years ago at B's cottage

Date #3

Let me just say this right now: I’m not a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl. I like plans. Concrete “Let’s meet here at this time and that’s that” kind of plans. So to be met last night with not-so-firm plans, was kind of stressful for me. But I didn’t freak out (at least not to him…my sister got an earful though) and I didn’t even mention it to him. There may be time in the future for my crazy neurosis to shine through, but not on the third date. And it all worked out in the end, so it’s fine.

We ended up just hanging out at my place with pizza and a movie, chatting and getting to know each other better (not THAT better, dirty minds!!!). I was sooooo tired, so it ended up being a nice way to spend an evening, rather than being out and about. We didn’t set any concrete plans for our next date (sigh), but I texted him this morning to see if he wants to get together this weekend. And the clock begins: how long will it take to respond?

This is the movie we watched, Dark City

The movie was Dark City, with Rufus Sewell, Kieffer Sutherland and Jennifer Connolly. The plot is complicated, but basically Rufus wakes up with no memory, and proceeds to encounter these strange creatures (oddly enough, called the Strangers) who can do weird things with peoples lives. I had trouble following it at times (perhaps I was distracted 🙂 ), but it was ok. A lot of parallels with other movies, like The Matrix and Coneheads (the appearance of the Strangers).

Nerves of steel? Uh, no

I hate how my nerves get nervous. I have my third date tonight (if we can work things out logistically…I totally forgot I took the train today and have no means of getting anywhere), and I feel like I’m about to chuck. It’s not like it’s a first date. We’ve already met, already chatted, already kissed for God’s sake, and yet, my nerves won’t settle. We’re only going to a movie!

I have a very hard time just taking things as they come and letting things happen. I think to myself “how do we greet each other now? will we still feel a connection? will he want to see me again? how will we end things? when will we see each other again?”. All these questions swirling around my head.

I know though, that as soon as our date starts, I’ll be fine. It’s just the leading up to it that’s hard. Le sigh. Wish me luck!

“May I call on you Sookie?”

A few months ago I was looking for something to watch and was flipping through the shows on the Movie Network On Demand and came across True Blood. I’d heard good things about it, and decided to check it out. I was hooked from the start and watched the entire first season in one sitting. Luckily, this was only a short time before the second season was due to start, and so there was a very short gap in between.

Well, S2 just ended and sadly there is a very large gap now until S3. What to do? I had started reading the first book in the series the show is based on, but couldn’t really get into it. I figure the problem is that I was watching and reading at the same time, and couldn’t reconcile the differences. But now that there aren’t any new episodes for awhile, and I need a Bill and Sookie fix, I’ve gotten back into reading the book. I’m about 1/2 way through the first one and am enjoying it much more now. I’ll have to get the rest of them and hopefully they’ll satisfy my need.

On another note, I had a text last night from the guy I’m seeing requesting a third date! Yay! I’m taking things slow this time around, which is nice. But that doesn’t make it any less stressful! The bonus is that I’ve lost a couple pounds. Maybe I’ll start a new dating for weight loss program…I could make millions!

Revamping an old favourite

I’m not one for switching up my food choices. I have a standard set of recipes and meals I choose from on a regular basis. I occasionally will step away from the norm and make something new, but generally I’m focused on ease, nutrition and time when cooking.

I had already decided to make pasta for dinner. I’ve started using the Catelli Smart pasta, which is very healthy AND very tasty. I was going to just toss in some olive oil, garlic and some veggies, but all of a sudden on the drive home I thought “Mac and Cheese!” . But regular Mac and Cheese a la mom, doesn’t contain anything other than pasta, a cream sauce and cheese on top. I’ve rejected mom’s attempts in the past to spice up her signature mac and cheese by adding crumbs on top, let alone adding veggies to the mix. But I’m not 8 anymore, and I felt it was time to take a step towards being a grown up.

I cooked the pasta (rotini), made the cream sauce (2 tbsp butter, 3 tbsp flour, salt and pepper and a bit of cheese), sauteed half a red pepper and chopped up some grape tomatoes. I tossed it all together, put it in a casserole and topped it with a medium cheddar. And the result was fabulous! Super tasty, just like always and healthier too!

Best part: Leftovers for lunch tomorrow!